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I'm within days of sending out the invites.. MOMENTOUS! 

Is anyone else dreading the backlash from uninvited co-workers? I work in an office with about 2% men... I am dreading the eye daggers from my ladies. 

I would have loved to invite them all, but honestly.. The dollar signs are larger than my feelings for a great number of them.

Who else is having anxiety over the guest list?

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Re: Meh..

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    I think everyone has anxiety over the guest list at some point... but in reality, getting an invite to your wedding is less of a big deal in most people's minds than you presume, and those who are insulted will get over it in time.
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    The rule I've heard about coworkers is to only invite those that you see outside of work as friends.

    If you are worried about them feeling hurt, don't talk to them about the wedding. Then they have no reason to expect an invite. However if you talk about it a lot, many will be interested and want to come.
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    No, but we did just add 4 people to the guest list yesterday morning, and I am sending them out this week. Apparently the groomswoman's sister, her BF, their mom and their nephew want to come. I had to give in, as that brings FI's side of the guest list up from 5 to 9 ouf our 100 guests..
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