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Good Aftermorning

Noon here in Chicago.

We had a good time in Florida for mom's 80th.  Only sad thing was that brother's best friend died while we were down there.    Anyway, weather was great and mom had a great birthday.

I'm getting ready to settle in with the Sunday paper puzzles and enjoy some alone time since H went golfing.......brrrrr.

How about you?  Anything exciting this weekend?  What can the trick or treaters expect from you?  I have Snickers right now; not sure if H will pick up anything else.

Re: Good Aftermorning

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    Sorry about your friend =(

    I just had brunch with an old college friend I haven't seen in over a year. And last year was at her wedding and we only made it to the ceremony, so it was super exciting to see her.

    I'm just hanging out at my parents dog sitting for a few more hours.

    Not sure about Halloween. FI and I have a house on the "nice street" so we get slammed. But with the rain and 70 mph winds we're expecting I'm not sure we'll have much of a Halloween. We're both trying to lose some weight, so we're buying gross candy to keep ourselves from indulging. Sorry brave kids who go despite the storm, you get tootsie rolls from us. 
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  • Nothing terribly exciting going on today. We wore ourselves out last night babysitting the nephews, which was a lot of fun. 

    H and I are headed to church in a few minutes, and then we'll come back out to pack up our stuff and head back to our own house. I'm glad that the IL's are coming home, but sad that we have to go back to our place. It's been so nice having a house with real insulation, and space, and a bathtub...
  • Afternoon!

    I spent the morning scrubbing the bathroom to a gleaming shine. Now the darn house reeks of bleach.  Yuck.

    I'm working on math to make sure I'm ready for tomorrow's exam and mentally prepping for my H's birthday.  I'm pulling off a few surprises.  Like getting him pizza from his favorite place even though it's an hour away.  I'm paying a local college student to pick it up for me.  He'll be surprised.

    I've got gobs of halloween candy since we get tons and tons of kids.  Virtually allergen free marshmallow treats and loads of Wonka hard candies like nerds, sweet tarts, and runts.
  • YAY the Packers won.  Double yay (for me) the Patriots game was such a blowout, CBS turned it off and showed the end of the Packers game instead so I got to watch :)

    Happy Sunday.

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