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Bridal Blues??

I am getting married on Saturday (Yeah!!), but I spoke to my mother and she has informed me that she and my father will not be attending because they do not like my fiance. I kind of expected this, but it still hurts to hear. I never asked her for one dollar for this wedding, and her solution to everything is money. She said she would send me some money towrads my cake (which is paid for), and she would like me to send her pictures. I don't know how I feel about pictures, since your not showing up voluntarily. What should I do?

Re: Bridal Blues??

  • All I can say is.... ouch. That sucks and I know that has to hurt.

    My suggestion, hold off on sending her anything(photos or otherwise) until you've had a chance to let it all process. You are under absolutely no obligiation to provide her with anything, you have every right to tell her as well it's extremely hurtful she would do that to you.

    Do what makes you feel better, though it might be a little self satisfying to later show her pictures and how much fun the wedding was and how beautiful you looked and make sure you tell her she missed an amazing wedding.
  • If that was my mother, I would tell her if she can't even bother showing up why would you spend money for pictures for her? 

    What a shame your mother is taking a selfish stance.  All that should matter is that you are happy, they aren't marrying the guy. 
  • It must be really hard to deal with this. Especially since it's so close to the wedding. Really, think of it this way, they are the ones that will be missing out down the road.
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  • aw, I am so sorry.  So many people say call their bluff if parents are threatening not to come to your wedding.  And now, your parents have said they aren't coming to yours.  It's so sad.

    Enjoy who is there on Saturday and the love you are getting from them on your wedding day.  I know it hurts you, but I bet your parents will regret it more in the end than you will probably ever know.
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    Thank You all for the kind words. I am dealing as best I can, and I know it will really hit me whenI walk down the aisle by myself, but it's not about her it's about the love he and I share on our special day. This unfortunately will drive an arleady huge wedge between us even farther. But, my fiance will be my family now, so I think I'll be O.K.
  • I went to a wedding a few yrs back where the bride's parents didn't show up cause they didn''t like the groom and they said that they will not make it past two yrs together, It was awful, everybody kept asking her where were her parents.

    Sad to say that they were right, two yrs later they were divorced, not saying that this is going to happen to you, but the girl said that she wished that she had listen to her parents.

    People at the wedding found out later that the reasons they didn't like him was because he was(lazy, cheated too many times to count, hit her once or twice where dad had to whip his a**, he won''t keep a job etc). So all I am saying to you is first find out why your parents don't like him, cause they just might have a good damn reason not too. and FI acts different around other people than they do around their soon to be wife.
  • It sucks, but I can understand where your parents are coming from.  By asking for pictures, I suspect your mom is trying to convey that they still love and support you even if they do not condone your choice of husband.  Some people can just suck it up and put on a happy face and some have to remain more true to themselves.  Of course that doesn't make it hurt any less, but that's how it goes.

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  • My grandparents did this to my Mom. And my Daddy is the most amazing man ever!! (with the exception of FI) If anything I would say it made my Dad try even harder to be an excellent father and be close with my sis and I. I'd take that lesson. It totally sucks and it hurts moer than can be imaginable, but just let it give you more determination to be the best most supportive parent you can- totally rewarding!
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