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So... who has two thumbs and has offically been asked to be the director of world languages at our school? 

I know it is presently not much considering all that has happened, but I still feel so honored since the languages are such a huge facet to this school.. plus out of the other language teachers, I still have far less teaching experience.

This title has offically hit me today I guess, however it will really take into effect if/when we stay open for next year and it really all takes off (we're just trying to finish this year in one piece).  Based on all of the progress the marketing team for the school has made, I predict we will either tank or take off like a rocket... none of this middle ground stuff.  July 1 is our "kill date" i.e. if we don't have enough students, we are closing the school.  But it's looking like a definite possiblity things could go well.

Re: AW!!!!!!!!!!

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