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I saw your question about Sandals on the HM board.  We went to Rgency St Lucia and I had the same question as  you.  We asked one of the workers there the policy on same sex couples and we were told that they were not able to book there.  I do not know if that is their official policy, but it might be.  I would call them to find out.
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BabyFruit Ticker
DX: PCOS/Recurrent losses/MTHFR mutation (compound hetero)
5 hysteroscopies/2 surgical
3 Inject IUIs = 2 m/c's and 1 BFN
IVF #1= BFP. m/c at 7w6d. Needed 2 D&C's and scar tissue removal. Mild OHSS
IVF #2 = BFP. Severe OHSS. 4 Drainings. TWINS!
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