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4th of July plans?


Re: 4th of July plans?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: 4th of July plans? : Oh awesome. I will help. I have some weights at my house. I will bring them :P Sucrets that sounds awesome. You deserve some fun!
    Posted by ricksang[/QUOTE]

    Fun = my parents taking care of Em for a night so I can get some sleeeeeeep!
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  • Sleeping is always fun. You know, I could sleep for a living if it were up to me.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: 4th of July plans? : Oh fun! I bet there will be crawfish involved!
    Posted by ricksang[/QUOTE]
    I'm sure! One of my cousins lives in CA, and the other in TX, so they never get really good crawfish and that's usually the first order of business when they get into town.
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  • Lc, I hope they enjoy them!

  • FI's groomswoman will be here, so I'll be cleaning my house and going to expensive dinners, because that's what she likes to do. She is staying with her sister, and I hope to limit my interaction with said crazy as a loon sister as much as possible.

    Seeing that our year end is today, i may also be working.
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  • July 3rd: Dan's cousins high school graduation party at the family beach house:
    a.  yes, his stupid warring cousins made up
    b.  I made it abundantly clear that we're not going if his mother doesn't apologize for what she said about me and my family.

    July 4th: Party at my cousin's lake house - kayaking, swimming, food, booze and probably fireworks.

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  • NebbNebb member
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    My CANADA DAY plans are going out for lunch/beers tomorrow and then drinking more beers at home.
  • LOL Nebb! You mean you guys don't celebrate the 4th? :P

  • Ang - sleeping as a career is what I do when John goes on his long training rides. Monday he's doing a century, I think (or close to it). I could sleep all day.....

    We have tickets to the small local "adventure" park. It has 2 roller coasters. Maybe I can talk him into that for Sunday, too.... Hmmm..
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  • Getting married.  Beer.  Lake.  Fireworks.

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