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Good Morning!

Hello ladies! It's Sunday and most of you have a long weekend so it's like Saturday all over again (lucky ladies)...

Yesterday I managed to meet my goal time for my 5k...I did it in under 30 minutes! It pretty much made my day. Today I have too much stuff going on and I feel very rushed. Not my favourite feeling in the world. 

Re: Good Morning!

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    I read your status yesterday-GREAT JOB on the PR!  

    DH and I are trying to save money.  We are realizing that all this spending isn't doing us ANY good so what did we do yesterday?  Got some lunch and came home.  I even cooked dinner on a Saturday night.  (We haven't done that in like...years).  We need to find a balance of staying in and saving money and going out and saving money.

    Anyway...i think we are on a mission today to find the best chocolate around Chicagoland.  Wish us luck!
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    YAY! Congrats, numbers! That's awesome. You guys are all inspiring me (or guilting me, take your pick) to get into shape.

    Speaking of which- I just ventured over to the GIS board. They have a new sponsor now?! (You can tell how often I go over to that board.)  

    I'm up. I drank entirely too much wine last night with my dad and family. We ate entirely too much too (hopping between grad parties.) I also managed to get a little pink from sitting in the sun all day.  BUT that just means it's actually nice enough to sit outside in the sun finally, so I'm happy. 
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    Congrats, Number!  That's a great goal to beat!

    I'm glad that I'm off tomorrow.  Today is H's birthday, but it's also the 1 year anniversary of my mom's death.  It's an emotional day.  I'll probably use tomorrow to recover from it.  I forgot when I woke up this morning, and checked facebook; that was a bad idea. 
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    I'm sorry about your mom, pirate. Lots of e-hugs for you.

    H and I have our pictures today. So far, the weather is nice so hopefully it holds out for us. We are leaving around 2 to go to our photographer's house, his wife will do my hair and makeup, then we'll head to the beaches.
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    Good job Numbers!

    Yay Sesh photo shoot :) I'm so excited to see the pictures. They are going to be just absolutely awesome because you are beautiful as is, so imagine what's going to happen with hair/makeup and a photog! They will be stunning.

    Today is small putzy day, with my only big project being getting a new flower garden going. I definitely overdid it yesterday and could barely move by the end of the day so I really need to watch it today.
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    Good morning, ladies!

    Congrats on the sub-30 time, Numbers!   I'm very impressed.

    I'm sorry for your loss, Pirate.  That particular anniversary still makes me sad, even though it's been 39 years.  I will never stop missing my Mom.

    We're probably doing a bike ride, more yard work, and then grilling something?  We got some new turkey burgers at Costco that look yummy, and I want to make a black bean salad that I saw on

    Have a great day, everyone!

    ETA: have fun on your photo shoot, Sesh.  I'm sure the pics will be beautiful.  And we can't wait to see them!
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    Thanks, y'all.

    Sesh, can't wait to see your beautiful pictures!

    Les, how did the graduation party go?
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    LesPaulLesPaul member
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    It was fun, Pirate.  It was at her BFF's house.  They've been friends since the 2nd grade, so we've known the family for a long time.  Her Mom had the most awesome cakes made, with a photo of the girls, and then separate cakes with their college logos on them.  I'll have to post some pics when she gets home with my camera.  Good food and good friends - can't beat that.
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    Good morning everyone!

    Sesh, I am so excited to see the pictures!

    Kristi- Take it easy today. Don't over exert yourself.

    Pirate- Lots and lots of hugs. *HUGS*

    Numbers- Congratulations! You're a rockstar.

    Les- How is Cheddar doing?

     I still have a cold. I slept on the recliner so I could breath. Shy isn't feeling well either, so she decided she had to sleep ON me again. Somehow Shiloh, myself, and Tucker all slept on the recliner together.
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    Numbers that so awesome!  You're under 10 min miles!!?? I ran 4 miles yesterday and it took me 48 min :( You totally kicked my asssss.

    Jas, it seems like you've been sick forever.  I hope you feel better soon!

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    Good... afternoon (here, at least). I just woke up, and debating if I want to go to H's best friend's house to swim and grill or clean house. I really need to clean the office, it has become a wedding wasteland.

    Pirate, *hugs*
    Jas, hope you start feeling better soon!
    Sesh, I can't wait to see pics! You're so pretty. Have fun!
    Numbers & Sherr, congrats to both of you! I'd hate to see how long it would take me - I haven't worked out or ran in over 3 weeks.
    Katie, be careful! You're getting so close!!
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