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Gluten-free eaters - choosing a restaurant.

My two best friends in the area and I go out to dinner about once a week.  One of them has recently decided to go gluten free. (Also dairy-free, but I know how to handle that)  Tonight is our first dinner out since she's made the decision.  I know the obvious answer to this is "make her choose the restaurant" but for the sake of argument, let's just assume that's not going to happen.

I know nothing about avoiding gluten.  I even have a bag of gluten in my freezer I use when making bread sometimes.  The gluten free registry website is just leading me to chain restaurants, which we try to avoid.  I know I could google, but I don't have lots of time to do that today and I know that some of y'all here don't eat gluten and, well, SB has all the answers.

What do I look for on a menu to indicate gluten?  I know bread and pasta, but what else?  Where is it hiding?  What things are gluten-free? (Meats and vegetables, yes?)  Know any good non-chain gluten-friendly restaurants in the NC Capitol area?

I know she could probably find somthing to eat almost everywhere, but I want to find a place where she'll have many choices.  And this is a challenge we'll have weekly. 

Educate me, please. 

ETA: sorry, that got long. 
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