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AW: AlCapone got married PIP

I just copied and pasted this from my month board, so there are probably details in here that you won't care about lol, but for your viewing pleasure: some pictures.

So we got married on Saturday and it was fantastic! Really there were almost no issues.
Points of interest--not even bad stuff necessarily.

-We were VERY concerned that it was going to be a sweatfest. Forecast was for almost 90 degrees when the ceremony was supposed to happen (ceremony outside, reception indoors). Thankfully there was a good amount of cloud cover and a pretty strong breeze that kept everyone cool. Even the groomsmen and H were fine in their tuxes.  The clouds ended up being great for pictures because people aren't really squinting.

-The breeze was good and bad. Our ceremony site is very beautiful and didn't need much dressing up so the only thing we had going for flowers was these 2 big side pieces that were supposed to go up on these pillars. FI saw them and immediately dismissed them from going on the pillars because it became obvious that with the wind they'd blow off. So they got moved to the ground (fine) but they still blew off and broke. We were supposed to return the vases to the florist so we'll see what the fall-out is from this. In our defense, the flowers/vases weren't weighted at all. I hope we don't have to pay them lots of money. They ended up tying them up to the structure at the site.

-I was disappointed by dinner. Let me clarify, dinner was awesome but I could barely eat. I had a corset dress and after the salad course I figured out that my dress did not give me room to expand so I barely got to eat my fabulous dinner. This made me sad :(

-We had the head table lined up with candles. People kept coming up to us at dinner. 1 lady went to give H a hug and her shirt literally went into the candle holder and was in the flame. I had to push her away (she's in a cast and on crutches lol) so she didn't catch fire. HA!

-Best part of the day, hands-down, was the ceremony and seeing H. We were both crying..I started to lose it even before my processional and my dad had to talk to me the whole time. I was almost to H and I stopped on a step, took a deep breath and said " Okay I'm good!" to everyone and I sucked it up and stopped crying (well for the most part).

June 16, 2012

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