Snarky Brides

Disney trip AW

We had an awesome time. The room was perfect, the weather was perfect (although it poured the entire drive down, then magically cleared up after we checked into the hotel), and we saw pretty much everything.

Hotel room

The Mighty Ducks is one of my all-time favorite movies, and we got put in that room!

Pongo! Purdy was on the other side

At Animal Kingdom

Tiger on the walking trail

This is the only time I could get H to take a picture with a character--and he didn't even know who it was

The dinosaur is eating H's hand!

I am not the next King Arthur

H takes the wheel at Tom Sawyer's island

Captain Jack Sparrow

Dole whip--this one's for you, Arb!

The best picture ever

MK just before the light parade

Hollywood Studios

Beauty & the Beast show. I could have watched it 10 times in a row if H had let me

Car stunt show

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