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These are the reasons why I don't show people my pictures anymore.

This one i got yelled at for by about 5 different people because cake smashing is the most stupid thing you could EVER do.

This one was made fun of in a blog for the way we were looking at each other.  Thanks a bunches.

It's time. Adoption saving and process started in November 2012.
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    [QUOTE]She said something like, "Wow, if he doesn't look like he didn't want to be married to a hippo, I don't know who would"....and people AGREED with her. :(
    Posted by barbbhoww[/QUOTE]

    what an asshole. that picture is fricking adorable and you look gorgeous. half the time I think the girls mockign other girl's wedding photos are miserable ugly ho's sitting at home in the dark mocking lovely ladies like you because no man will talk to them.

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