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    [QUOTE]Duck Face pics and Drunk pics. SIL is notorious for posting duck face pics and trashed drunk pics. It's not cute, it's not attractive, it's not classy. [/QUOTE]

    My FSIL is the queen of duck face pics. 

    I can't stand people who type liiiiiiikkkkkkeeee tttttthhhhhiiiiissss.  Are my eyes twitching or are you just an idiot?

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    My idiot cousin who posts video montages on her boyfriend's wall - she's lip-synching to some Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber song and blowing kisses at the screen.  It's revolting!  Oh, and did I mention she's 18 years old?  And has only met this boy once, three months after they started dating (met through a mutual friend on FB)?

    Or her idiot friend who is 19, has been dating this girl since January, they changed their status to "Married" nearly right away and refer to each other as "husband/hubby" and "wife/wifey" - their little blurb under their picture has the date they started dating and "4 evuh" - gag me!  Oh, and they got engaged yesterday.  At 19.  After having dated 4 months.  Their wall is way worse than anything on GROSS!
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    A girl I worked with until a couple weeks ago is CONSTANTLY updating with "so confused right now" or "things are changing.  not sure how i feel about it"  or "i don't know what's going on anymore" or "not feeling well...ugh", not to mention that EVERY MORNING before work she'll post about how she left or how she feels and then "work 9-530 ugh".  And this is literally every day.

    She is the most dramatic person I know, and she was even worse at work.  By the time I left, I really just wanted to smack her in the face.

    I'm also friends with a lot of 13-16 year olds and such because in the summers I'm a camp counselor, and it's always annoying when all the middle schoolers are like "oh i looooooooooooove _____" when they've been dating for like a week.

    Even people I went to high school with are guilty of that.  It's like they think they're Justin Bieber or something.
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