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cell phone sending spam texts......

I would consider myself fairly smart when it comes to computers and phones. However this is weird and odd to me. I haven't heard anything like this before.
Out of no where this guy texted me asking "HUH". I was busy so I was just only now able to get back to him asking what was going on so he informs me he got a text from me that told him to go to a website to view his message.

Well I never sent any texts to him at all today. So only thing I can think of is my phone is spamming people.

Have any of you heard about this happening? Could I have downloaded a bad app somewhere along the way?
Any suggestions or stories would help. Thanks!
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Re: cell phone sending spam texts......

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    I get random spam messages on my AIM all the time lately - I can't figure it out.

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    Yea.. AIM, facebook, emails. That's understandable and annoying. I just don't know how or what's going on with my phone sending random spam text messages.

    AIM are bots some are funny if you just type anything even just a letter, it will start randomly talking back to you.
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    we had this problem with out cell phones at work. Call your service provider and ask them to look into it.  They should be able to help you figure it out.
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    My FI got a spam text from a weird number(at 3 AM) It was weird because it was advertising sushi and we do not eat any kind of seafood. The even weirder thing was they used to his name in the text. We just ignored it and it never happened again. I would call my cell phone provider like the pps have said.
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    It was someone I know. I text regularly. I checked my online bill and didn't see anything in the texting part that would show that a text was sent around that time or before I actually texted him.

    I was thinking my other option would be to call and find out that way but didn't want them to think I was off my rocker.

    Glad to know it has happened before and isn't totally out there.

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    I didn't even read this yet, but eff those spam texts! I got like 10 of them today. So annoying.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:a066e634-c754-4923-9388-25d59d361d1fPost:dac76379-1375-452b-841d-ca3cf04c4422">Re: cell phone sending spam texts......</a>:
    [QUOTE]I didn't even read this yet, but eff those spam texts! I got like 10 of them today. So annoying.
    Posted by dragonwagon[/QUOTE]

    aahah, sorry, Hopefully none were from me.
    I know they weren't but that stinks. I am hoping no one else got one from me, no one texted me to tell me about it but this person. And now I asked for him to forward it and he "deleted" it. Ugh.
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    Your service provider should be able to sort it out. That sucks ]:
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