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Cats & Dogs

So H and I have two pups. And I really want a kitten, however he swears the Jack Russell would Kill it, he had her before we got together, so I don't really know. I know when we go to his sisters she tries to get in the rooms with them, but can't and gets upset. I don't know. :(

Anyone have experience with this?

Re: Cats & Dogs

  • I have 2 dogs and 2 cats.  We got them in order of dog, cat, dog, cat.  Luckily, they all get along and we haven't had any issues.  We were super careful with the cats for the first few months.  They have their own bedroom so during the adjustment period I would just keep them in their room when we couldn't watch them.

    I think it just really depends on the dog (and the cat.)    My dogs are laid back and just go with the flow.  They are a German Shepard mix and a English Mastiff.  They are not hunting dogs by nature, so I think that may have a part in it.

    IMO, kittens will adjust to the dog easier than a grown cat would.

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  • I thought so too! We have a greyhound mix and a jack russel, so I don't know it could cause issues, maybe I should just get another puppy( I swear i'd have 54646456456 animals if I could haha)
  • I have two adopted dogs.  A Mini Schnauzer and a Malshi (Maltese shih tzu).  We also have a cat.  We got the cat first, then the dogs.  The schnauzer and the cat play VERY rough.  I think if it were any other cat he would have ran away already, but I have a very spirited, onery feline.  My schnauzer loves to hunt gophers, rodents, whatever he can get so the cat is fair game.  They never hurt each other but there is usually a lot of rough housing and I'm telling tthem to calm down a few times a day.


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  • I think the best way to do it is to scout local shelters, maybe use petfinder (you can use filters to search for kittens/cats that do all right with dogs)...and once you find a place, do what you would do with adopting another dog...have the shelter volunteer introduce the dogs and selected cats/kittens and see how the Jack Russell reacts. Unless the Jack Russell has a history of aggression toward other animals, the only issue I would see would be the Jack Russell wanting to play a little too rough with the kitten. If you get a high spirited feline who can and wants to keep up with the dogs, it should be fine. 
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  • Aren't Jack Russells ratters?  Also your greyhound mix might have a high prey drive.  My friend is very involved with greyhound rescue and many dogs cannot go to a house with cats.
  • we've had him since he was 8 weeks, and he does okay with my moms cats.
  • I don't know about your Jack Russell, but my old dog Zues was a Jack Russell and he LOVED chasing, catching and killing cats. I mean like we moved to a very rural area in NC where there was an abundance of feral cats approximately 6 months later there were NO cats anywhere to be found.

    Not to say that a Jack Russell can't be trained not to bother cats but they are mousers and hunters by nature and it's hard to change their nature...

  • My terrier mix would NEVER do well with cats. Like, ever. My parents have 2 outside cats to keep away rodents, and every time we pull in, he goes for the kill. Luckily the cats are fairly feral and can escape into the woods up a tree, but he would kill them if he could.

    Only you know your dog, and I agree that trying to get them together in a neutral environment is the best place to start.

    But if it were me.. I just wouldn't do it.
  • I think we're probably going to get another puppy. Riff needs a dog that is his size to play with, he's too ruff with our Jack and she gets upset, and H says absolutely no cats lol
  • We have a black lab, jack russel/blue heeler mix, and a french bulldog. We also have a cat. At first, the cat would just jump up high where the dogs couldn't get her, like the dining room chairs (dogs know not to jump up) or on the back of the couch (same, dogs are not allowed on the couch) and eventually she got braver and would come around them after us having her for about a month. Now, our jack russel mix actually plays with the cat, and the cat will antagonize her to play, also. Obviously, when the cat has had enough, she will let our jack russel mix know by swatting at her, or jumping up high. They have all done great together, though. I don't think it would be an issue.
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