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A few weeks (months?) ago I told you guys about the warm fuzzy story about my parents. They are members of freecycle and got a message from someone "need everything for starting a house."
They call the lady and find out it's a young mother of two (both under 3) whose husband just left her and took the house. She was starting over and literally had nothing but diapers for the kids. My parents gave her about 3-4 boxes of towels, sheets, silverware, etc. I also gave her my old Christmas tree (sounds hokey but this was right before Christmas so she appreciated it) and am still sorting through some stuff to pass on.

Well, she picked up a bunch of stuff the other day and while they were talking it came up that I was pregnant. She told dad to give her a call when we find out the sex because she has boxes and boxes of baby girl stuff at her in-laws that she would love to pass to us.

I love the way these things work :)

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