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DIY reception music

We're having an IPod Reception and I've been working on the playlist for a little while.  So far I have about 35 songs, which assuming 2 minutes per song (on average) means about 70 minutes of music... so I still have a little ways to go.Did anyone else do DIY music?  If so, approximately how many songs did you have?  Did you have enough, or did you end up having to repeat things?

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    There is no excuse to have to repeat songs. There are gazillions of songs out there!Probably figure 3 minutes per song. Here is a sample playlist I found on the Reception Ideas board:http://july182009.weebly.com/music.html
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    Yea, I don't want to repeat any songs, I was just curious if anyone thought that they had enough songs but ended up having to repeat.I'm using playlist.com, which will tell me the total time of my playlist, but it won't let me use it at work b/c I don't have the most recent version of flash.. so I'm just estimating.
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