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So I just want to get people's opinion's on whether or not I am crazy for feeling annoyed by something...Me and my FI have been engaged since 9/2010 and we r getting married 3/24/12 ..well my close friend recently got engaged and has set her date for THE WEEK before ours. SHe knew when our date was, and I feel like she completly could care less that alot of the same people are invited to both. ( thats alot of money for people to spend within 2 weeks time )
    To make matters worse, her parents are paying for her ENTIRE wedding ( down to every detail ) and everytime I talk to her all she does is complain about how they are controlling every decision ( which i think they should have alot of say considering her wedding is over $15,000). I do love her and want to stay her friend, but I feel like every conversation she tries to "one up" me ......if I say we cant afford a photo booth she has to point out that she can...or when i said we were making our favors and bouquets, she said she has a wedding planner to figure it all out for her..its so frustrating. 
  On top of all of that , she told me she wont be able to attend ours because "its too much going on right after they are married" ...WTF does that mean??? Sorry to sound as if i am rambling, but any opinions? Am i justified in being angry?
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