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How much did you pay for alterations?

Hi ladies! I know many of you are using Becky for alterations, I was curious how much you spent on alterations and what was done? I need an idea of what to expect Thanks So much ladies!

Re: How much did you pay for alterations?

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I got:  dress taken in, hem, french bustle, cups sewn in and she is going to work on getting as many wrinkles out of the bodice as she can (my dress is silk and it just looked terrible--if I had known the wrinkles weren't going to come out, I wouldn't have bought it).  Anyway, all of that was $125.
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    I went to Becky Fowler (she is an amazing person and did the best job I've ever seen) I had the bust and waist taken in 3" on each side, the hem taken up several inches and a french bustle. All of this for only 108 and I had budgeted about 400 for all that. There was a bunch of bead rework at the bust thru waist.
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    Becky told me that mine was going to run a little more than 200.  That's for her to fix my zipper, bustle it, fix loose beads and hem it, but my dress has a lot of intricate beading, so the hem is a little more complicated to do.
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    $100- she said that is her minimum. She took it out a little in the butt and did an Austrian bustle.
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    All I had were cups sewn in and a simple 1 point bustle put in.  I didn't need length or anything taken in.  It was $50.
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    She made my entire gown for, 2 veils, and she special made me a wrap for $450. I provided my own fabric.
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    I did not use Becky Fowler but I had my dress taken in, the zipper fixed, and a bra sewn in for $40.
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    I didn't use Becky either.  I had mine hemmed, taken in a bit, cups put in and a 1 point bustle and the lady charged me $30 and did a great job so I also tipped her around $10
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    I used Anna at Delfino's Tailor who is the recommended alterationist for Lewisville Bridal - She put in my bustle, took in the waist and bust and built lace straps from scratch on my dress for only $118 - and I was really picky about how everything fit so she had to have like 6 fittings with me - she was so nice...And she practically re-made my rehearsal dinner dress for $40 (hem, taken in about 4 sizes, totally remade straps)
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