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    - the moment I found out my best friend died
    - the day I brought home Paisley
    - DH proposing
    - opening the envelope with my graduate degree inside
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    I'll always remember:

    -The day my future mother-in-law found Gil and brought him to me at a wedding reception.
    -The first time I heard my fiance's voice on the phone after my sister called to introduce us.
    -Our first date
    -When I graduated college with honors
    -The moment I received my acceptance into graduate school
    -When my fiance proposed
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    The day I met my best friend, Laura.

    The day I found out my sister was having a baby and I was going to be an aunt.

    The day I got into Yale. My first day of school there.

    The night I met Mike. The day we got engaged. Our wedding day.

    The day my Gran E died and all the events after.

    The day we met our little Spikey.

    The day I got my current job. The day they told me I could do more than be a secretary here.

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    ~The day I met CJ. I swear I thought "I'm going to marry that man."

    ~The first day we hung out.

    ~The day we got engaged.

    ~All the memories we have from before we lived together and when our relationship was still a "secret"(we worked together)

    ~The day we adopted Bella(my american white shepherd) the first week was hell but she was abused and adjusted just fine.

    Plus of Course Many, Many, More

    *~* Mrs.J *~*
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