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Gym - update

So, I spent most of my morning harassing the gym this morning - I called 3 times and left messages and on the 4th one the chick I had been calling previously picked up to talk to me.


Apparently because of all of the issues they had been having with their previous billing company they switched to a new one, and when they input all of the new files into their system on Tuesday it accidentally billed everyone on that day instead of on July 1st as it was supposed to. It was totally their mistake and she knew that I was calling about that issue the second we got on the phone and she knows how many issues I  have been having so she offered to switch my account to one where I can just go in and pay on a monthly basis on my own accord. Now that my account is changed, they will not be withdrawing anything from my bank account any further, which is spectacular.


The funny part, I didnt have to ask for anything, it was offered to me right off the bat, and Im happy with it. I didnt WANT to leave the gym, at all, so now im in control of the $$ again and thats really all I wanted! 


So, yeah. All taken care of :) Well, mine is. The girl I work with whos account was messed up, hers is still messed up but she insists on dealing with another chick regarding gym financials so im just gonna leave her to it.


Money mouth Thanks for listening to my complaining lastnight

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