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Hey Nebb!

Did you know, that, because you watch Mad Men, you are Creative and socially liberal?

Anybody else on there for shows you watch?

Re: Hey Nebb!

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    Apparently I'm:

    (The Office)You're Probably: Superior to others… or at least think you are. People who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch NBC's workplace comedy; these people believe they are extraordinary and brag about their accomplishments.


    (Housewives) If You Watch, You're Probably: Pugnacious and a leader. Not a surprise, since that describes most of the "Housewives." Pugnacious people are unafraid to tell others what they think (ding!) and value honesty over keeping the peace
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    Apparently I am creative, open to new experiences and I think I'm superior to others.
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    Hah that is so me, I always opt for booze and I am a mac person!! (and ive been watching mad men since it started, so there!!)
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    Apparently I am a rebel who likes DiGiorno and Botox.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:ccdb71db-e4d3-4275-8c4e-2d64c023a6e0Post:8e6a6810-9cfb-4f12-86ac-2f6d07a20d0d">Re: Hey Nebb!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Apparently I am a rebel who likes DiGiorno and Botox.
    Posted by KaylaSue19[/QUOTE]

    I love DiGiorno.
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    I'm  a rebel that likes Digornio (sp?), but I guess I prefer Evian with that freezer pizza since I watch Glee.

    Evian + pizza just doesn't sound good. Someone hand me a Rolling Rock!
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