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Israeli Military to arm West Bank settlers in preperation for Palestinian Statehood protests (LIP)

CN: Tear gas, stun grenades and riot gear are bring distributed and training sessions conducted with settlement "security teams" in anticipation of protests in September by Palestinians as they petition the UN for Statehood. The Israel Defence Force (IDF) confirmed it was working with settlers on a military response to the expected protests, but Palestinian leaders vigorously deny that violent protects are planned.

Some are concerned that this will be interpreted as rules of engagement and that nonviolent protesters will be met with teargas and stun guns. Others are concerned that the protests could result in "mass disorder" or even terrorist incidents.

Do you think it's a good idea for the IDF to arm settlers? Do you think this preemptive measure only heightens the tension in the West Bank? Thoughts about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in general?

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