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    Okay, I have nothing like the pinky story above.  But.

    I used to work for a certain discount clothing store that has communal dressing rooms, and that's where all my war stories come from.

    One of my coworkers was once on dressing room duty, and she spotted a woman who looked like she was wearing a nude thong while trying on pants.  Well, somehow she realized that there was no nude thong involved, and they had to destroy all the jeans the woman had tried on - several hundred dollars' worth of premium denim.

    Another woman zipped herself into a pair of jeans that were several sizes too small.  To this day I have no idea how she got herself in, but she had to be cut out.  I always thought most people would try to button them and then be like "Huh, I must need a bigger size."  I mean, I get not wanting to go a size up, but then I just don't buy pants that day.

    Another girl tried stealing, and when one of my bosses caught her, she hid in the bathroom and tried to flush the evidence down the toilet.  As in jeans and boots.  Needless to say, the restroom was flooded.

    Another woman returned a bra, and when I looked at it while filling out the return slip, there were body lice on it.  Hand to God.  I  must have used up a whole container of hand sanitizer.

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    In Response to <a href="">Crazy work stories</a>:
    [QUOTE]Howdy! So indulge me a moment... What is the craziest thing you've seen/heard at work? It can be anything from something a crazy client said, or a customer did, or a kid in your class, etc. Anything at all. I'll start! (yes I've been dying to share this all day) Working at a hospital, I've seen and heard a lot of crazy.
    Posted by rhodesign[/QUOTE]

    Two things I've seen that I'd classify as crazy, but both sad too.  I used to work at a hospital a while back in the IT department.  I'd have to sometimes go into patient areas to fix problems with network equipment, and network eqipment was often placed in the stupidest places, like soiled linen closets, etc.

    So anyway, I fixed some stuff one day and went back to my office and a co-worker comes in and I'm sitting with my foot up over my knee, however you describe that so he could see the bottom of my shoe and was like you ever think about buying new shoes?  I looked at my foot and there was a hole in my shoe not quite to my sock but almost there.

    Turns out someone screwed up royally and had spilled some chemotherapy material in that closet I had been in and I stepped in it.  That's scary enough, but so is the fact that stuff that was able to eat my shoe is also pumped into people to try and kill cancer; crazy.

    Second crazy/sad thing is at the same job I'd regularly see cancer patients outside in their gowns smoking cigarettes, IV pumps right next to them. WTF

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    It was the second day at my old job and i was sitting in a training class. The trainer that was teaching the class was a younger guy and apparently was involved in a bank robbery the night before. A bunch of cops busted in the class and arrested him. We found out later he was a drug addict, and he went to school and graduated with my FI. He is out of jail now and we just seen him over the summer. Crazy shiit.

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    I could tell you crazy work stories all damn day, and I'm not even sure you'd believe them.

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    I used to run a college bookstore with a big design program, so we carried a lot of art and industrial design products. We carried these sheets of blue foam for the Industrial Design kids that they used to make models. They were 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 inches thick.

    One day a women comes in and asks if we can get it in bigger sizes for an art project she is working on. I get on the phone with the company while one of my students asks what she is making. Her response:

    "I am making a sculpture of me, John Ritter, and a horse".

    I almost fell off the chair.
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