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    [QUOTE]Hi MM!!! You look lovely as a platinum blonde. :)
    Posted by BecW2be[/QUOTE]

    <div>Why thank you my love! Although, I was going more for "piss colored!"</div>
  • I want the Piss Colored Badge.
  • I said ultrasound so you all would know what that an a/s is an ultrasound. duh.
  • Oh, ok.  But I wanted to know what the a/s part meant!  So thanks for explaining :)

    And thanks for being kick ass last night.

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • Seriously, J. You're so dependent sometimes. :P

    How was the show?? You went to MJ Cirque show right?

    aaand since you're here, I have an OCM question for you. Have you added any oils to it? I read one thing that said witch hazel could help with redness and stuff. We have some in the house anyway, but I wasn't sure what it would do.
  • I'm super dependent.  Fact.

    It was...good.  It didn't have nearly as much acrobatics as I was hoping for, and our seats kind of sucked.  But overall, it was a really awesome performance, just not quite what I was expecting/hoping for.

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • Oh and....

    Nope, only the tea tree.  Witch Hazel is supposed to be good for redness and inflammation though (I used to use a natural WH based toner a long time ago and I liked it).

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • Oh. I never thought to just apply it straight. My face has been red lately, I think from allergies? or just getting used to OCM? I dunno. But it feels smoother already. and gross, but I think a lot of the gunk is coming to the surface. so it's kind of bumpy, but still looks better, if that makes sense.
  • Yeah, you  might break out a bit for a couple weeks.  But then it gets better!  Don't quit, or you'll freak it out even more.  Mine is AWFUL lately, stupid gluten, and stupid me for not being able to give it up. 

    If you try the WH as a toner I would dilute it.  I know some people are sensitive to it.  I bet you could add it to your mixture too though!

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
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