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Help me deal with my family.

I didn't change my last name.  H is ok with it, I'm ok with it.  That's what counts.  My parents don't giveafuck, and his parents, well...nevermind.

But my family is driving me crazy.  I was very clear about not changing my last name.  My grandma (crazy I'm coming, no I'm not, you can't go either, ok I'm coming, no I'm not, yes I am grandma from my wedding drama stories, if you remember) is upset that I didn't change my last name (why, I have no idea).  She sent me a check for my birthday.  She made it out to Jessica H's Last Name.  I got it cashed, but only after arguing with my bank for a solid 15 minutes.  My dad called and let her know that that wasn't my last name (again).  Then a couple weeks later, she sent us a check for the wedding.  Again, made out just to Jessica H's Last Name.  I called her and let her know we really appreciated the gift, but I couldn't deposit the check.  She said she'd send a new one, and she never did.  Not a big deal, I don't care about the money.  But she told my dad she would never write me a check to my maiden name.  So she's going to keep sending me these checks I can't deposit.  She's not the only one that continues to send things to me as H's last name either, it's all on my dad's side of the family.

Any advice? 

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