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Whats your zombie weapon?


Re: Whats your zombie weapon?

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    [QUOTE]I hate cleaning out clutter. <strong> H tells me Im 1 traumatic event away from being a horder...
    </strong>Posted by Blueyed228[/QUOTE]

    This is funny Blue. You ARE my husband, I knew it!

    He is the hoarder in the house and I'm the clutter clearer. He's already said when his Mom dies, his sister and I are the only 2 allowed in the house. She is a hoarder, no one has been in her house in 10 years. And H knows he'd be on the floor for months going through every.single.thing.
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  • IWell, the first time I played, it was shocks and struts for a 2009 VW.

    I just checked again and it's free food and clothing the first Saturday of every month from 9am to 12 pm. So, I guess I can go get my weekly food rations and swap out my bloody zombie clothes each weekend. Score!
  • I was going to answer Nebb until I read the rules. 

    No kidding, mine is fake $100 bills.  I'm pretty well screwed. 
  • When I first saw it earlier on FB I came up with this:  A panda suit!


    The #5 item showing up now would be decent:
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    [QUOTE]I saw this on FB today and thought it would be fun. Go to Put in your city then go to the "Free" section The 5th item down is your zombie weapon. I got stuffed animals.  Im totally screwed.
    Posted by Blueyed228[/QUOTE]
    AWESOME! My weapon is a BBQ smoker so when I'm done kickin' butt, I can pop a cold one and throw a burgur on the grill...sweeeeeeet
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  • My zombie weapon is now a basketball hoop.  
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  • A Murray lawn mower. I might be safe.
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  • Apparently I shall be protected by 2 adorable male rats!! LOL!
    They will kill them with cuteness!
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  • Just saw this - I get a medicine cabinet. If it's full, I can at least heal myself, right? ;)

    If it had been number 3, I would have had enough to share - and some actually useful:
    LOTS of Non fiction books
    twin bedsheets
    Glass jars
    Glass candy dish
    Couch pillows
    silverware divider
    Bike helmet
    Metal bed frame
    Christmas decorations
    cement block pieces
    tent holders
    Shower curtain
    Lots of fist-sized rocks
    Box of exquisite Decorations
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