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bad kitty!!

I can't not believe what my cat did last night! I usually just put my ring on the top of my dresser or night stand before I go to bed, I never thought anything of it. But around 4am I heard my cat playing with something clingy...In my head I was like what is that he doesn't have any toys that make that sound but I was too tired to get up so thought whatever it can't be that bad. So i get up today and go in the bathroom to take a shower and there is my ring on the bathroom floor! That's what he was playing with, so he must of jumped on the dresser, knocked it on the floor and was playing with it like it was one of his toy mice!!! I didn't even notice it was gone in the morning since I don't put it on until after the shower but I just saw it laying on the floor. If I would have noticed it gone right away I would have freaked out. Thank goodness he didn't hide it somewhere or it got stuck or lost that would have been horrible! Def putting my ring away at night now!
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