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Two questions

I signed up to be a red kettle ringer next week and I printed out my confirmation page last night but it doesn't have time. Do I just show up in front of the grocery store where I am supposed to be ringing the bell?

Also I want to volunteer to work a Meals on Wheels. Would it be rude of me to tell them I want to cook in the kitchen?

Re: Two questions

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    I dont think so if you just specify where youre interested in helping out. Do you just ring a bell and thats it, or do you take donations?
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    Ring bell and take donations but they did not give me a time.  guess I need to call them, I hate calling people.
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    1- I hate calling people too - they should have told you the time. You could email if you'd like - if they're like me they'll get it.

    2- As someone who works with volunteers I prefer it when people specify what they'd like to do. Otherwise it's up to us to figure that out and it's hard.
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    ditto pixie. I'd make a human contact on both questions.
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    Thanks Pixie!
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    hey ricks...i don't know if it is different in the States but I usually just showed up at the time that I knew I was supposed to be there.
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    Not sure about the kettle ringing, but my aunt does Meals on Wheels and she's been trying to talk my mother into volunteering at the kitchen to cook forever.  I am guessing that they would love to have you in any capacity.
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    When I rang the bells, we had a time frame we were assigned to.  Usually a 3 or 4 hour session.

    Meals on Wheels is a ton of fun - and really rewarding.  And I'm sure if you let them know you are interested in working in the kitchen, but would be happy to fill in whereever, they would happy to accomodate you. 
    ~ Missie

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