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My photographer asked for a wedding day timeline and as I was doing it, I thought it might be a decent idea to do a "wedding weekend" timeline to let the wedding party know what's going on the last couple of days beforehand (ie the groomsmen's tuxes are guarenteed to be at the tux shop two days before, and let them know what time to be at the rehearsal and at my parent's house and dan's house the morning of the wedding and such).  Did anyone else do this?  Can I see what you did so I can gauge my own? there might be stuff I completely forgot about...
We're in the TEENS now, 19 days until THE day.  So excited but starting to get shaky and anxious about all that's left to do.

My sister went for an MRI and she has massive tendon damage and she's in a half cast.  She has to have a second MRI (with contrast) to see more specifically how bad the damage is.  If it's worse than the first MRI showed, she has to have surgery, if not, she'll just have the cast on for a few more weeks.  I saw her yesterday and her fingers are finally back to a normal size, but if she doesn't keep her arm elevated, they turn blue and go numb.  Fun.
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Re: Timeline?

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    I think it's a good idea, especially with oot guests/WP and different events at different locations.  In hindsight, I didn't have the timeline down very well for the wedding day, and didn't allow enough time to get ready.
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    I don't have a timeline yet, but I'm interested in seeing other people's as well.

    Hope your sister's MRI goes well! 
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    PM me your email and I will send you mine. But you can't laugh at me because EDIT: apparently I hit send without finishing this can't laugh at me because of how detailed it is.
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    I think a weekend timeline is a good idea. I did one based on morning, afternoon, and evening periods, not actual order of events. I'll try to find mine.

    Also, sorry to hear about your sister. Poor girl.

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    YGPM Number55!
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    okay ladies, let me find it and I will send you it by email...
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    oh, and ladies...what I sent you was my copy. It has details in it that others don't need. I will be giving other people an abridged version, this is just where I keep a bunch of details listed to keep it all straight in my head.

    I just had to go in and edit a bunch of stuff because a few weeks ago FI decided that we shouldn't see each other before the wedding and so I had to play around with our timeline considerably. There might still be glitches though, I need to give it another once over...

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    Your food sounds amazing.  I'm hungry now. 
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    ha ha ha...yeah, I am a huge foodie so if there was one thing we were going to do right and spend money on it is the food!  
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