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Our wedding date is March 8, 2014. Is it too early to dress shop? Or is it too early to do anything period! Help : im so excited!! I want to do it all now. Also, I am in school so I don't want to wait too long to start planning and let it pile up.

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  • I'm hoping to have the same wedding date! Not too early to shop for a dress at all!!! I'm starting in Feb with my mom!!  Are you doing an outdoor ceremony? I'll be having one in South Carolina and am worried it might be too cold still. So hit or miss in the South!
  • I already got mine! Well...wont get it in till April 2013 and then 2 months for alterations. : )
  • It's not too early to start... where i am from people start planning and booking 2 years in advance in most cases. I just booked my hall and church for the same date... Congrats and just start planning :)
  • That's our wedding date too...& no, it's not too early! I just bought mine on Friday!!! Smile
  • The sooner you begin the better off you will be. I don't know if you plan to be married someplace rural or urban, but in high-traffic, highly competitive areas venues - caterers - etc. book sometimes 1.5 or more years in advance.  Our caterer and our venue already have bookings for fall of 2014.  Our florist has no more Saturdays left in 2014 March - as of a week or so after we booked.

    Also, I think in some cases couples can get better prices by booking early.  For example, I know the hotel block we got is giving us DISCOUNTS off of their 2013 rates, because I contacted them in Jan. of 2013.  I was given the impression if we had waited to ask them, we would not have gotten such a good rate, but more liked discounted 2014 rates instead.

    On the other hand, when I have contacted salons to ask about pricing for hair, they have not responded back. I think they don't even want to mess around until a few months before.  HAHA.

    Good luck!

  • This our date too. We are fron Northern ontario, and we will for sure have snow on the ground. I have booked the venue and the dj this week. i thought of waiting till summer for a dress, is that too late?

  • My date is the day after yours on the 9th.
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  • Our Wedding is March 15th and we have everything pretty much booked and paid for.  Only thing we need to do now, is finish paying for the DJ, get the limo, and take care of favors and invitations.  My dress is going to be started in Mid-September, early October as I'm wearing my mother's gown.  The sooner you start looking, the better you'll be.  If you wait too long, you'll be rushing and your gown may not come in time.

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    Need 8 adults to make minimum.  Eek.
  • It is never too early!

  • I'm getting married 3/8/14 as well, so excited!!
  • I have the same wedding date. I am almost done planning. All I have left to do is the things I can't do now such as sending out invites, making a seating chart, getting my marriage license, etc. It is never too early to start. You really need to get started on dress shopping ASAP. Some dresses take 6+ months to come in. Unless you're getting an off the rack at David's Bridal (certainly nothing wrong with that; that's what I did.), you may need to rush the order. Also, get focused on securing vendors. Some book 1+ in advance. Certainly not trying to scare you, just a friendly warning. Congrats and happy planning!
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