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Hi everyone!

Just set our date for March 22nd, 2014. I'm so glad to see other March 2014 brides here already!

Background on me....
My fiance proposed on Dec 31st at 11:59PM right before the ball dropped. We have been together for almost 3 1/2 years. We just set our date yesterday with our venue. I'm a born and raised Jersey girl(just not like the ones you see on TV). Our ceremony and reception are at the same location...I am so excited!

How far are you guys in planning? I have NO idea what I'm doing.
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Re: Hi everyone!

  • Hi and Congrats!  I'm also from NJ.  I got engaged Nov 2011, but we just started really planning in the past few months.  We booked our venue last weekend, ordered our STDs, and have narrowed down our lists for possible photographers and DJs to 2 vendors each.  The checklist on TK has been super helpful, as well as a copy of "Wedding Planning for Dummies" that my married friends have passed along to me.

    Good luck!
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  • Hi date twin! I'm just an eager beaver but I already have the venue and now I'm working on the photographer .. Well I'm trying to lock all that stuff down now so I can start paying lol congrats love

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