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Hi everyone I'm new here I officially got engaged with a ring in april, and plan to have my wedding in March 2014. I am very anxious to start planning, is,it too early to start, and if not where do I start??? Help please

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  • It is not too early to start! I got engaged in May and our wedding is 3/8/14. We have booked our venue (they book up quickly!) and are meeting with photographers next week. Taking it a little at a time also helps with keeping my fiance' sane in this process. Good luck!
  • Thanks that makes me feel alot better and good luck to you also
  • I too was nervous about starting too early, but I have purchased my dress already and have it narrowed down to two venues!  Oh, and I also have my officiant and photographer already booked too :/  maybe I'm moving too quickly!

    Do whatever you feel is right and whatever you want to do first!  Spend time getting your fiance involved as well!

    Congratulations and good luck!
  • There is no such thing as too early LaughingI started by figuring out a budget. Then getting  guest lists from my fiance, his mother, my mom, and myself. I narrowed it down from there. I agree with the other post about starting to look for a venue right away. I'm not sure how it is there, but things book up well in advance where I live. Go to bridal shows for great ideas on everything from photographers and djs to lighting and photo booth rentals. You can get some great deals. Think about what colors or themes you want. Most of all, have fun. You have plenty of time so enjoy it and don't stress.
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