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March 2014 Weddings

Hello March 2014

Hello my name is Rosa. FI and I have been engaged since April of 2012. FI I are starting planning our wedding for March 8th 2014. I'm new at this and congrats to other brides of March 2014. I also already asked my bridesmaid to be part of our day: We've already have our theme color in mind and I would like to hear from others story. Thanks!

Re: Hello March 2014

  • Hey hey! That's my wedding day too!

    Stan and I got engaged on July 26th, 2012. I hope that everyone is "new" at this! 

    I've asked about half of my wedding party to be part of our day. Most of our wedding is being based off of a great photo of a red velvet cake I found on Pinterest with a bit of a minor pop-culture theme coming into play. 

    I live in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up in Rhode Island, so our wedding will be at the Newport Mariott.  We just finalized that detail today so I'm pretty excited (I already have my dress too!). Plans are rolling along!
  • JWKOSEK Awesome! I glad I'm not the only new one (: I've been looking around and pintrest actually have some good ideas I've seen a picture of the Malibu them and i loved it. I also thought of going Gown shopping but Im going to wait till after the Bridal Expo that are held in Houston (which dates are Jan & Feb) Im very excited!  I was bridesmaid for 3 wedding but I've never imagine how fun and exciting planning my own would be!

    I hear it is better to start planning at 18 months. Did you purchased it? or have an idea of what you want?

  • That's our date too. Welcome rlmernan09.

    John and I got engaged on September 2nd. We have been hunting down a hall. My FI went and picked the place in his head without me. i have been going to wedding expos and wedding shows.
  • I got engaged on September 24th, 2012. Our wedding is going to be March 7 2014. I'm hoping we'll be able to get married in the church my parents got married in.

    Congrats to all you march brides <3
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  • I got engaged May 5, 2012 and will be getting married March 8 2014. I've started the planning process back in May and it has really been fun and stress free. Originally i was a bit upset because I wanted to get married next fall, but I am glad I will have some extra time to save money and perfect my ideas. After all, it's not every day we get to plan our wedding! Enjoy it!

    Good luck ladies. Cool
  • Congrats to the both(: yes I got to go to the expo and OMG! I loved every single stuff they had I havent found my dream dress yet... but i already have an idea of what i want.... have any startted gown shopping?
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