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Outdoor Ceremony Musicians in March?

Hi-- I'm trying to figure out what to do music wise for our outdoor (weather pending) ceremony on March 22,2014---I know that strings can't perform outside if its wet or too cold---any ideas or places to looks?

Re: Outdoor Ceremony Musicians in March?

  • Hey we are date and state twins! We are having our DJ do the outdoor (weather premitting) ceremony. I've never actually saw a DJ do the music for the ceremony but hey we will give it ago haha. Where are you from in SJ?
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  • We toyed with the idea of having strings for our ceremony, but you just can't predict March weather in NJ.  Like Lisa, we are having our DJ do the ceremony music.  I've never seen a DJ do ceremony music before either, but I trust that he'll do a good job.  
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  • Select a musician who plays a non-string instrument?  How about a hammered dulcimer.  That's what we got.  I love them because they can sound like a harp, or like a vibraphone.  This musician specializes in Celtic, Gaelic, Folk, and Classical music.  He's based in Baltimore.  He might be able to suggest someone for you.  His name is Ken Kolodner.  Look up his website, and perhaps you could get a suggestion of a musician in his area, or even he might be able to travel.  Be prepared to pay for a hotel/travel fees if so. 

    Good luck!
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