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Wedding colors dilemma... purple + what?

So our wedding is early next October, and our primary color (that we're using for the bridesmaid dresses etc.) is darkish purple/plum, and I was planning to do fall colored accents (like red/orange flowers). Unfortunately now I'm trying to do stationary things, and purple and red look kinda funny together. I feel like I need to tweak my color palette/maybe add a color for accents. Ideas?
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Re: Wedding colors dilemma... purple + what?

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    Here is another grouping of "purple" I just found.  Most of these are beautiful and I can see the red/orange fall flowers fit right in.  

    I generally see a lot of vibrant gorgeous colors (yellows, oranges, all shades of purples and even some green).  

    How intricate do you want your invites?  Do you have a link to some of the stationary you are looking at?  I agree that the red and purple look funny together so maybe stick with the main color and a neutral or do play on the vibrant colors together so it's not just purple and red?  
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  • Thanks Steph!! Those sites have some beautiful ideas. I haven't really gotten down to any stationary that I'd be definitely interested in (we already bought our save the dates, and aren't sending them out until Jan and probs won't buy our invites for 6 months or so), but I think the neutral idea is a good one. I'd love to do some kind of envelope-y invite (you know the kind with little pockets for the response cards and stuff), but I think a neutral color is def the way to go for that. What do you think? Champagne? Silver? Gold? Thanks for your ideas!!
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  • Take a look at: http://www.theperfectpalette.com/

    You can select a color and it'll show you a few different palette options including photos from real weddings so you can see it in action.

    I'm partial to purples paired with yellows, it's a classic combo.
  • We are doing purple and orange or purple and green.
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  • The perfect palette site that was mentioned is awesome.  What I typically saw on there was a palette and then a slew of photos showcasing real life application of the palette.  It could be used for dual purposes.  See something you love - then you're in luck!  See something you hate - then you know what combination to stay away from.  

    The neutral color is very much a personal choice.  Don't be afraid to try different ideas for backdrops that are not staple neutrals "white, ivory" (my opinion only).  With vibrant colors like the ones you want, maybe look to nature for the inspiration.  Look for bouquets you love and then pay attention to the colors.  What about a very pale yellow?  I suppose that borders on ivory but I can see that in my head with a deep yellow and the purple.

    Someone suggested to me in my big color dilemma to go to home depot and pick out swatches.  I plan to do that tomorrow to settle my own issues once and for all. 

    Do you have your venue?  If so you'll want to just keep what is already in place there in your mind.  
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    We're doing purple and gold.  I really wanted purple, orange, and red but I had the EXACT same experience you're having when we looked at save the dates.  We tried out some plum + gold shades and really liked it.  

    Hope you are able to find a good color scheme!
  • we are doign purple (plum) and yellow
  • If you don't have a preference for you color option two I would suggest silver, gold, or champagne. 

    Our wedidng Colors is Deep Sea Blue, Gold Accents, and "Whites" as filler becuase I don't want it to be a BLUE Overload wedding (Cream, white, ivory, & champagne).
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  • Im doing dark purple, lavendar and grey!
  • I like purple, light blue, white, and yellow together.

    I am having a vintage fall themed wedding: brown, orange, ivory, and hints of burlap. Here is an inspiration picture for my colors:
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