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Are these colors fall?? (PIP)

I really want light colors but am afraid this looks more spring than fall. WDYT??

Re: Are these colors fall?? (PIP)

  • I think its fine.  My friend used similar colors in her October wedding 2 years ago.

    I actually really like those colors too! haha
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  • I agree -  this colors should be fine!  It's whatever you want - so if you love those colors then use them! haha
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  • I think the browns make it ok they subdue the green an pink. You can still have green and pinks particularly in early fall.
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  • I think it's fine. I am doing Navy and a soft pink for my October wedding... so you can definitely get away with those colors =)
  • It is your wedding at the end of the day  nothing is more important then that
  • I think the color are fine for fall. I am doing a late October wedding and not using fall colors at all. I think that even though you are doing a fall wedding that doesn't mean you have to have a fall scheme I am doing what I like and will look right.
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