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Invitation: capitalize or not?

I keep seeing that you DONT cap the first letter of words on your invite. Huh??? Is this people just not wanting to cap on the forum, or is it just what you do?



Nicholas XXXXXXX


Together with their families

Invite you to share in the joy

As they are united in marriage

Saturday, October Fifth

Two Thousand Thirteen

Three O’Clock in the Afternoon


Cindyrella Garden

XXXXX Dodd Boulevard

Rosemount, MN 


Right? Wrong? 



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Re: Invitation: capitalize or not?

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    This is ours copied exactly from my word document:

    Something borrowed and something blue, some things are old, and some are new.
    Someone to care and share your life is the dream of every husband and wife.
    Please join us,

    Christina ____________


    Daniel ___________

                                                                              As we unite in marriage
                                                                     Saturday the Fifth of October
                                                                       Two Thousand and Thirteen
                                                               At Three O’clock in the afternoon
                                                  ___________, _______, Green Bay, Wisconsin 

    Hors d’oeuvres and Reception to follow at Swan Club


  • Stina51286Stina51286 member
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    Obviously it's lined up differently, TK is messing it up.


  • So caps is ok? In the end it might not even matter I suppose- our design may use all uppercase font. 

    I suppose its such a small thing to nit pick over. But I'm also the one who has changed her mind about invitations probably a dozen times. Its the one thing I have actually been very picky about (head scratch)
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  • All invites I received this last year were in Caps


  • These are our invitations. We did not capitalize the first word of every sentence just the words capitalized in normal everyday writing (days of the week, months etc).
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  • FWIW I recently read in my search that it's all or nothing with capitalizing.
    Either all words are caps or just the ones in every day language.  

    Check out Wedding Paper Divas for suggestions via all the sample invites.  If you are one of the ones doing Cards and Pockets, they have recently uploaded templates to their site too. Finally, good ol' Martha Stewart has something to say about invites as well.  
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • I'm going thru a seller on Etsy. I was originally going to have our friend design some, and then go thru vistaprint. But it actually is only a cost savings of about 50. And I really liked the Etsy design. They had it in all caps, and I thought it looked good :
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