October 2013 Weddings

Wednesday Accountability

B: Starbucks Grande Skinny Vanilla latte and Fetta, spinach, eggwhite wrap (421)
L: Salad with chicken, feta, and light ranch (177)
D: Homemade beef stroganoff (460)
S: orange (62)

Still have 91 cals left so maybe a small glass of wine or something.


Re: Wednesday Accountability

  • Thanks to a stomach bug it's the BRAT diet for me today.  I'm already sick of saltines...
  • B: GF Chunky Monkey Muffin, skim milk
    L: Chipotle Veggie Bol
    D: Cafe Steamers Chicken thing :-/ , pear
    S: grapefruit & Cashews

    E: Swim 1-1.25 miles
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  • B-skim milk latte, plain pumpkin bagel
    L-frozen chicken sandwich with lettuce and swiss and a banana
    D-thai chicken with rice/veggies.
    S again - smore.

    E - Walk with FI 
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
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