October 2013 Weddings

Wednesday Accountability

B: Tea and yogurt
L: Salad with chicken, tomato, cheese, and ranch dressing
D: FI and I are going out so who knows

E: None- need to get over this cold.

P.S. There will be not threads from me Thur-Sun since I do not have internet at home so if someone else wants to start the threads over the long weekend, feel free!


Re: Wednesday Accountability

  • B: Chocolate Rice Chex with Skim Milk
    L: Chipotle Veggie bowl with brown rice
    D: GF Sandwhich petal with provalone, bruscetta, spinach, pepper and chicken, orange, SF pumpkin mousse
    S: Banana

    E: None doctor decides today if I Turkey Trot tomorrow.
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  • B: Greek Yogurt, almond milk and blueberry smoothie, 2 egg whites with feta and spices
    L: TJ's Harvest Grains (quinoa, garbonza, couscous) with zucchini, purple cabbage and dried cranberries. 
    D: FI has the day off, so whatever he's making
    S: Apple and a small piece of dark chocolate

    E: 30DS and a couple mile run
  • B - turkey sausage, egg white sandwich
    S - apple
    L - another TJ crabcake, salad with OO and vinegar and leftover brown rice
    D- we are having Pre Thanksgiving.  We host and tonight its veggies/hummus, mini hot sandwiches, potato salad and smores on a stick.  

    E - none, worked and now prepping the house for tonight.  

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • B - Egg Whites and Spinich

    L- Grilled Chicken Breast (4 oz)

    D- Boars head turkey breast and Large Leaf Lettuce with DIY Balsamic Vinegarette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, and salt

    S - 12 Almonds 

    E- Brisk walked with the pup today 
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