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I Found My Gown!

I thought for sure I was going to be an Ian Stuart bride, but nope.   My friend walked into the salon, saw the gown,  and said, "Try this."  It didn't look like much to me.  Too plain.   But once I put it on, it came alive.  It is gorgeous.   It's a Kelly Faetanini, who I had never heard of before, but it is so beautiful - and makes me feel so beautiful - and so utterly perfect that I feel slightly embarrassed that I ever thought anything else was going to work. 

Also, it was about half of what I was willing to pay, so that's a bonus. 

I am so happy!  I can't wait to wear it.  I think it will look beautiful for our venue - a B&B in England.  And with the dress being so understated, I think I can go nuts with the jewelry.  What do you think?

It wouldn't zip up - the sample was only a size 0... but I think I got the full effect anyway.
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