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Show your Bling

I am super bored this morning so lets show our bling.

Also, share your engagement story.

Picture was taking Aug 17 after I had my nails done for my sister's wedding.

Engagement story:

FI told me to start looking at rings I like so he could get an idea. I never got around to it. March 2011 while I was getting ready for my bff's birthday he came home saying I had to stop looking at rings, my reaction "oh Sh!T we're breaking up". He said he had it under control and that he just put a down payment on one at a local ma and pa jewelry store. He told me he wasn't sure when I'd get it, but before the end of the year, and that I couldn't tell anyone. FAIL!

4.5 months later we were on vacation one week with nothing to do. He decided he was going to go pay it off. He proposed in his truck. I never expected anything romantic because that is not his type.



Re: Show your Bling

  • Engagement story: Fiance and I picked the original stone for this ring in February 2012, but it did not work out. In May we chose this one. He proposed in July at a beautiful park on a hike in the morning under a canopy of trees. My ring was presented to me in a Silver Beatle box, and he asked my daughter if he could marry me.

    Ring: Custom Krikawa Dragonfly Mount. The center stone is an Umba Sapphire that changes colors but predominently holds purples and violets. It goes green sometimes and this morning it was burgundy! The stone was cut by Larry Woods its a celestial compass cut which is a modification of a round brilliant. Purple is my favorite color green is his. He loves dragonflies and since my grandmother's death they give me peae when times are tough its like she is speaking to me, now he is there for me :)



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    Posting and running...but I'll detail later :o)

    Ok I'm back- FI had been laid off for a while, and then got called back to work in Sept. (2011). We had talked about marriage and knew we were going there, but when the time was right and finances were better. Thanksgiving eve I had gone with a couple girlfriends to the mall and sat in crazy traffic on the way home! FI went to meet up with a friend to have a drink and we were to meet at home, eat, and get ready to go out and party that night. I was starving after all the traffic but FI wasn't home yet when dinner was ready. I waited for him because he wasn't responding to my question of "should I wait for you" text. He walked in the house moments later. Quick kiss, and I rushed to the kitchen to fix our plates. I handed him his, and I sat down with mine (casual on the couch in the living room). I had a fork full headed to my mouth and he said "I wanted to talk to you about something". Annoyed, I put the plate down and said "well yeah", in the bitchiest of tones Lol He proceeded to tell me how he couldn't imagine a day without me and that I make him happier than he's ever been, and a bunch of other mushy stuff, (this is very much like him so I still had no idea where this was going) and at some point got up and down on one knee and popped the question! I just kept saying "what are you doing? what are you doing?" And I cried and he cried and I said YES! He was a nervous wreck, hence the drink and no response and late arrival. I was shocked that he saved up that much in the short time he had been back to work! Totally didn't expect it so soon.

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    My dad took this picture the day after we got engaged during an improptu engagment photo session.

    Story:  We went to look at rings on Saturday in February and I found the perfect ring that day.  FI wanted to wait until my dad returned home to MI in April after snowbirding in Arizona and Texas for the winter so he could ask for his blessing.  Well..April came and went and now proposal...June came and went....July....what the heck, right???  Well, August 4th we went to one of my best friend's house for his annual BBQ.  It's sort of an anniversary party he and his wife throw for themselves every August.  We've been there for a couple of hours and my FI says my friend wants to see me in the pole barn (where the party was).  I go in the pole barn and my friend asks me if I'm ready to do the hustle cause it's time to get this party started.  We go over to the computer to pick out which hustle we are going to do first and then this slow song comes on (Fortunate by Maxwell)...and I'm like...you can't do the hustle to this.  My friend turns me around and there my FI is on one knee with a ringbox.  I had no idea it was coming.  I couldn't have been more surprised...I tried to back out of the barn, but my friend pulled me back in.  I started sobbing!  My FI simply said...I love you, will you marry me. And I said yes!

    ETA:  Got it, thanks Stina!!
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    [QUOTE]  totally can't figure out how to add the pic
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    When you are in the little box that you type in there will be a little Icon with a tree. You hit that and it lets you browse to upload your picture. Once you select your picture, you hit save. It takes a little for it to show up after you hit save but it should eventually.


  • I don't have my bling yet, but we have picked it out, and my wonderful man has already proposed... We were at his house, sitting on the back patio after an exhausting few days of ex induced drama, just sitting and talking about things. I was near tears because of everything going on, and had my head in my hands, when all of a sudden he dropped to one knee and said, "Baby, when all this is over and we make it through, will you marry me?" How could I say no to the most wonderful man I'd ever met? So yes, we are getting married October 5th of next year. And as soon as I get my bling, I'll post a picture. ..
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  • We were at a restaurant/winery for dinner and FI had arranged everything prior to us arriving so the manager and our waitress knew it was going to happen.  They asked if we wanted a table or booth, and of course in my FI mind he wanted a table so it would be easier to get down on one knee....I of course said booth.  When it came time for dessert, he wanted to make sure they would bring a dessert if I didn't order one.  We ordered cheesecake and when it was put on the table my FI just stared at me, like he was expecting me to say something.  What I couldn't see, was that "Will you merry me" was written in chocolate on the plate.  And yes, they spelled "merry" instead of "marry" lol.  The plate was put on the table so that the side of the plate with the cheesecake on it was closer to me, and since it was a tall piece, it blocked the writing.  So of course when I started eating it, my FI was a little upset that I hadn't responded.  He finally started talking and popped the question.  He was relieved to know I couln't see the wirtting and wasn't ignoring him.  I was completely caught off guard, since we had just started looking at rings earlier in the day and didn't know he had bought one a few weeks earlier.
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    My fiance had my sister help him out with my ring.  He's blind but he knows my favorite color is pink.  He did an awesome job. I love it.

    Our engagement story - He threw me a surprise birthday party.  I was so taken by the party and all of our family & close friends being there, when he called me up front to the DJ stand - I didn't think anything of it.  He started thanking everyone for coming and thanking everyone for helping.  All of our family friends helped him throw the party!! I was so touched. He began telling everyone how we met and how much he loved me. I still did not have a clue.  And then he said he had another present for me and he reached down for what I thought was a box and then he said he had a question to ask me. When I loked down there he was with the ring,  I don't even remember him asking the question but I definitely remember saying "YES!". That day he made me the happiest woman in the world!!!

  • I love it! His Mom helped him pick it out!  She told me that he was struggling to decide which one to pick and I'm happy he chose this one. 

    Engagement story:

    I will start off by saying I knew it was coming.  I'm really bad at sensing when something it up and the subtle hints by everyone kind of threw me into detective mode and I eventually found out.  But it did NOT ruin the moment for me.  I think it was perfect :)

    We had planned on going to a Cardinals game.  I knew it was happening this day but I didn't know when.  We were walking around St. Louis when we came up on an area that had a fountain and the Arch in the background (it was near Busch Stadium).  So his friends said we should get a picture taken in front of the fountain with the Arch.  So we're standing there and then he says "you know I love you" and I said of course.  Then he said "I really, really love you" and then he got down on one knee (which we all laughed at cause he had a hard time because of his bad knees) and asked.  I, of course, said yes!! 

    They fully intended on him asking during the game on the big screen but couldn't get it worked out with the Stadium in time.  I am thankful for that! :)

    Oh and in case anyone is wondering, the Cardinals ended up winning that day and I got to see 2 home runs!! :)
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  • Some really beautiful rings (and stories) here!

    Our proposal was very low-key. I had no idea it was coming when it did. We were on our way out of town to visit his family and I'd just gotten out of the shower. No makeup, wet hair, very glamorous. He called me out to the living room to see what the cat was playing with. Based on our experiences with this cat, I figured it could be anything from a twist-tie to an important legal document, so I was steeling myself for the worst. When I went out, she was sitting there with the ring box between her paws. So of course I had to say yes after that!

    He did well picking out the ring, I must say. He knew I wanted yellow gold and a stone that wasn't a diamond, but he did surprisingly well with the aquamarine. I love it.

    "In the interest of saving money on clothes, I'll prepare the buttered bacon choco-dogs." - My fiance in response to my announcement that I was losing weight
  • Beautiful rings!

    I was completely shocked when he proposed.  We have been together for 4 years, and were in the process of house hunting.  He is also in a Master's program so I certainly didn't think the budget was there for a ring...we never talked about it, but I thought it might happen eventually.  Apparently, he had been planning to propose for a year, and even enlisted the help of my sister to find out what type of rings I like.

    We went to Niagara Falls on vacation in July, and stayed at the Hilton on the Canadian side.  He made a reservation at the fancy restaurant on the top floor (his excuse...let's get dressed up and eat at a fancy place, we're on vacation!).  They sat us all the way in the corner, against the windows overlooking the falls...it was beautiful.  When I went to the bathroom, he had the waitress put the ring in a champagne glass, and when I came back, he said, "how about a toast?"  I thought it was a little weird, but cute, and when the waitress brought the glasses out, i STILL didn't get it, and almost drank my ring!  He had to point it out to me...I was just in shock, completely and totally.  He says, "Well??" and I said "Well, yeah, of course!" and that was that...the rest of the vacation was amazing.  I love him so much; he really is my best friend.  And now we are getting married on 10/10/2013. :)

  • No idea what cut or anything that my ring is, but I love it :)

    In the fall of 2010, we had started to look at rings. We looked at a local shop where we are familiar with the owner. I saw a ring that I love, but it was CZ. I asked if he could reproduce in gold and diamond: yes. Well months wore on, and I knew Nic had the ring. Finally, we went on a nice dinner with the intention of taking some night pictures at the St Paul Cathedral (not an uncommon date for us). During dinner, the waiter asked if we were celebrating anything and I answered with a grumpy "no." I was upset he hadn't asked yet!

    Then as we were taking pictures, he started getting all "sappy" with me (no uncommon either). But even then I was starting to anticipate it, and he finally asked :) I couldn't stop smiling! That was back on November 4, 2010... here we are almost 2 years later! We will have almost a 3 year engagement, but so worth it! Our wedding is going to be my dream wedding. Love that man!
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    [QUOTE]I don't have my bling yet, but we have picked it out, and my wonderful man has already proposed... We were at his house, sitting on the back patio after an exhausting few days of ex induced drama, just sitting and talking about things. I was near tears because of everything going on, and had my head in my hands, when all of a sudden he dropped to one knee and said, "Baby, when all this is over and we make it through, will you marry me?" How could I say no to the most wonderful man I'd ever met? So yes, we are getting married October 5th of next year. And as soon as I get my bling, I'll post a picture. ..
    Posted by calliou2[/QUOTE]<div>It's done!!!</div><div>
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  • Here is mine!  He picked the setting separate from the diamond and he did it all by himself.  
    He did an amazing job!

    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
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    Here is my ring:

    It's a little vintage-y and unique, which is what I wanted.  It's hard to tell in photos, but if you look, the center stone is set in rose gold and the rest is white gold.  I love it almost as much as I love the man who gave it to me! :)

    He proposed while we were on a country music themed cruise.  It was our day-at-sea, headed towards The Bahamas, and he was there with ring in hand when I stepped out of our little stateroom bathroom after getting ready for the evening!  The proposal wasn't what I envisioned but it ended up being perfect for us and I was so happy.  Our engagement got announced to the whole ship that night too, and Neal McCoy (one of the artists) dedicated a song, so it was awesome. 
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    Here's my ring! He did so good!

    Just got engaged this past Tuesday (11/20) to my best friend and could not be happier. I was completely surprised on the day he proposed!

    Love him so much and he did such a great job picking out this ring all on his own. I love old estate pieces and art deco/european rings with hand engraving, but was hoping not to get anything too over the top. I also love that he chose saphire baguettes to accent the diamond because saphires are a staple piece my mother and grandmother wear every day. I just adore all the hard work and sentiment he put into it and love how well he knows me!
  • Hi everyone! I've been lurking the Just Engaged boards for a few months and now it's finally my turn to post! 

    Here's the ring!

    My fiance and I have been together for four years in October and while I knew we would be getting engaged in a 3-4 month time frame, I was COMPLETELY surprised. 

    He had been to NYC to get a diamond, but told me that there were still many steps to go before a proposal, so it wouldn't be anytime soon. He then told me about a banquet he was invited to (not abnormal for him) that was cocktail attire, dinner, drinks etc. I was very excited because I love to dress up so I of course said yes! When Tuesday came, we were on our way to the banquet which was in Lawrence, where we both went to the University of Kansas. We parked in a weird place but I didn't think anything of it. We were very close to the campanile, the bell tower at KU where it is said that if you kiss under it, you'll be together forever (as cheesy as it sounds!). So he told me we were there early, and asked if I wanted to go check out the campanile at night. I said sure and was not suspicious at all. Then as we were just a few steps away...I started to get some butterflies in my stomach. As soon as we were inside the campanile, he began his proposal speech and got down on one knee and presented me a gorgeous ring! And the only thing I had ever hinted at, was that I loved when people have photographers there- and he listened! I was so excited that one of our friends who is a photograher was there. We then called our parents, had champagne and enjoyed our wonderful evening! Here are some pictures from the night! :)

  • October 9th is a really special day to me. It's six months after my birthday, and John Lennon's birthday. I'm a huuuge Beatles fan, but more importantly, a John Lennon fan. I went to lunch with my Dad that day and thought it was odd that he said something about me wearing sweatpants. That should have been my first clue. Later, a few friends came over and asked if I wanted to get cute and go to dinner. I said no, and that I just felt like bumming around the house that evening. An hour later my boyfriend got off work and arrived at my house all dressed up. He's an accountant, so when he meets with certain clients this is normal. I still thought nothing of any recieved signs that tonight might be THE night. We'd discussed engagement before, however, I figured it'd take a while to get there. Then, unexpectedly and nervously, he said "I bet you're wondering why I have everyone here", drops to one knee, and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was in such shock that I called him a horrible name (jokingly, of course) and forgot to say yes! I couldn't believe that they'd gotten one over on me! Several moments later, they reminded me that I never exactly answered, and I said YES. This was followed my a champagne toast with my fiance, best friends, and family. We've only been together 9 months, but they've been the best nine months that I could hope for.

    I can't wait to spend eternity with my best friend.
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    My fiance is a total nerd, so he wrote a batch file that took me on a scavenger hunt through the house to find clues to type into the laptop. The last clue said that there was something odd in one of the closets, so I checked every closet and in the very last one in the house, he was hiding with the ring.

    The ring is my grandmother's wedding set. She gave it to us last May when we were visiting her in California. We're going to be keeping it yellow gold during the engagement then have it re-cast in white gold for the wedding.

  • My beautiful ring :) my FI and i had been together for 4 years so i had hinted alot that i wanted to get engaged my fi had told me he couldn't afford it and i knew so i laid off he asked me what i wanted for anniversary and i said maybe a bracelet we went looking at jewlery stores and of course i drifted over to rings aswell lol we were looking in michael hills and found this ring we left the store without it but little did i know he went back. he suprised me on our 4 year anniversary with this beautiful  ring emerald with 30 diamonds :) 
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  • Here's my ring :) He proposed with a promise ring on 11/27/11 I cannot believe we have less than nine months to go! We swapped the center diamond out in favor of genuine pink tourmaline since pink is my favorite color.

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  • Such pretty rings!

    We went to Chicago and he made me get all dressed up and actually had hired a photographer. The ring is an Art Carved and one of my favorites that I showed him. 
  • Here's my little lovely!

    We've known each other nearly our whole lives, and yet there are still moments he is completely unpredictable to me! We went for an evening walk along a gorgeous lake at sunset on his Air Force base. We'd been talking, reminiscing - having a really lovely time. We sat on a bench and he asked if I could help him with something and he handed me his phone and it said "will you marry me?" in French (he'd recently started taking lessons) and I looked up and he was on one knee with this beautiful ring asking me to marry him! I so didn't see it coming! 
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  • It was a tough day, we were flying to Vegas for Fourth of July weekend (the day before my birthday) on a super turbulent flight and I had a total nervous break down on the plane.  I was crying and everything. He tried to calm me down but it didn't work and I was in an awful mood by the time we landed.  When we got to the hotel the line to check it wrapped around the lobby like three times and he left me standing online by myself while he wandered off, I was furious.   We got up to our room and he decided to go down to the beach/pool I didn't want to go but he coaxed me into it.  I was still pretty upset we came back upstairs and showered and he told me to put on this silk dress he loves and to dry/straighten my hair because he wanted to take a lot of pictures this trip.  I did all of this while he showered.  I didn't sense a thing about any of it.  He said he heard about this cool club at the top of the hotel and that he wanted to check it out.  We get up and the club is empty but the music is blasting the lights are going and there is seriously NO ONE there.  We get a table outside over looking the strip and he asks the bouncer to take our picture.  Picture is taken and the bouncer walks away with our camera in my head I'm like "WTH that guy just took our camera freak!"  The songs change from LMFAO to Jason Mraz I Won't Give Up I turn around to point this out to my SO and he was down on one knee.  I lost it, I started bawling and couldn't eve answer.  Shook my head yes like a maniac and kissed him. There was champagne and more pictures.  I found out later that my SO had the place closed down so that it was beautiful and intimate.  He requested them to download this song weeks before we even got there.  He left me alone in the lobby becasue he was going to finalize the details with hotel managers.  He put so much work into it and it washed my sad feeling away right away.  It was a wonderful day!

    He picked the ring out all on his own all I said was I wanted a square, I couldn't have picked a better ring myself!

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    My fiance amd I won a trip to NYC for New Years Eve to be on the New Years Eve stage in Times Square and go to the big private Nivea party. On New Years Eve day, we went to Central Park and we took a horse carriage ride and he popped the question there! It was so romantic and the snow was covering the ground. He did not want to wait until midnight to pop the question and did not want to be all nervous the whole night! So he asked me privetly and we had the best night ever after that!

  • He wanted me to help pick out the ring because he wanted to make sure I loved it. So on October 31, we went to look at rings and picked one out. He bought it that day, but wouldn't let me have it until "the timing was right." November 9th rolls around and it's a gorgeous fall day in Tennessee- he took off work and we had lunch at his favorite childhood restaurant, then went to a local state park to walk around and admire the leaves and enjoy the unusually warm day. We had just spotted some deer and were casually talking when he asked me, "you sure you wanna spend forever with me?" Of course, I said yes, and that's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so simple, but sweet! The gorgeous colors of the leaves and the sound of the river in the background was the perfect backdrop. I, of course, said yes and we ended up going back to that state park to do a few engagement pictures. :)

    the beautiful place he proposed! 
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  • This is actually my "upgraded" ring.  My fiance did not really know that he could make payments on a ring so He got me one for the proposal which was almost 2 years ago.  We get married this year October and 1 week ago he surprised me with this ring!!
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  • We started talking about getting married a month after we started dating, so ring shopping happened early on. I had an extravagant ring picked out, and as we've gone along I changed my mind and decided on something that was more in our price range, (I didn't want to wait forever!) So I found this ring and showed it to him and he loved it. We decided to use this as our engagement and then we will purchase a wedding ring or add to this ring down the road. The ring arrived and it sat out in the open for days, and it was driving me crazy and he knew it! My SO as lovely as he is doesn't have a romantic bone in his body! So one afternoon I was taking a nap after a rough day at work and I heard him come into our room. He covered my head with a blanket and said don't peek. He whipped the blanket off my head and took a hold of my hand and said, "Rebecca, will you be my lawfully wedded wife?" To which I replied, What? He says "So NO?!?!" I assured him that yes yes I would. And that is our story.

  • The Story:
    He made me a fire in the fireplace, decided I needed a massage, and laid the ring in my hand when he was rubbing my arms. Of course I cried like an idiot then called EVERY female in my contact list.

    The Bling:
    My black diamond and Mister's hand <3

  • The night before we moved into the new house we purchased he proposed while I was folding underwear and putting it in the new dresser.  I litterally had a pair of undies in my hand while he got down on one knee... It was perfect, he couldn't have surprised me any other way.  Since then we have gone on a hot air balloon ride, an amazing trip, and several dinners (all different ways he planned on proposing).
  • here's mine!

    my fiance is from florida and i am from philly. we met in college up here and he planned to move after graduation. he had his uncle in florida design the ring to look vintage because he knew that is what i like. our proposal took place on our 3rd anniversary. he called my boss in advance and arranged for me to have the day off. we spent it together and then had a date night for our "anniversary." we both lived in philly at the time so he took me to the top of city hall after hours (he's a cop, so he arranged with their security that we could go up after it closed). within 2 minutes he was down on one knee. we then had dinner in rittenhouse square and he surprised me again by having all of my family and our friends meet us to celebrate. 

    i am OBSESSED with my ring. we've been engaged for over a year and i still think it's the prettiest thing ive ever seen. we actually just picked out bands for his uncle to design, and i can't wait to see it!
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