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Color Snag

I was going to do Concord, Forest, and Ivory for the colors but I've hit a snag for centerpieces. I may now throw in red. Do you think this is too busy?

Here are the votives I'm considering as centerpieces: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-30-Red-Rose-Themed-Tealight-Candle-Holders-/350564590546?pt=Candle_Holders_Accessories&hash=item519f4723d2

They would be wrapped in green velvet 3 to a table, with silk pansies bellow. We will try to incorporate a purple dragonfly as well in each centerpiece.

Note we are doing a masquerade ball, and there will be a beauty and the beast/dragonfly undertoning too. The venue is a castle so everything will be ball themed and big big big.

So do I do this or do I go find a different candlabra for the centerpieces?
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Re: Color Snag

  • Those are goregous!!!  Do you have an example with all of your other colors together?  Maybe like with them all laid out side by side?  That would be a better way to judge I think.
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  • I've already told you I like them! They totally go with the beauty and the beast thing. And I am sure they will look great with everything else you want to incorporate.


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