October 2013 Weddings

Welcome October 2013 Brides

Welcome to the October 2013 board! I am Christina and I am the Mod for this board. Here is some useful information for people that are new to TK and maybe some people that are not so new!

Rules & FAQs

*For TK's Community Rules, click here.

*For a list of common knot lingo, CLICK ME!

Here are some tips to get you started:


*You can't change your username so choose wisely. Avoid putting your full name (especially last name) or e-mail address as your username. Remember this is a public forum and anyone can read anything that we post. If you have any of these in your current username, create a new account before you start posting.

*If you create a bio, I'd suggest having one for the Knot Community and one for your guests. This way you can keep your personal information private and your guest wont know what your dress looks like before the wedding!

Joining In on the Board

*This board can be a little slow, so don’t be afraid to jump in! Even if there hasn’t been a post in a few days, do not think people are not checking the board, because they are!

* Introduce yourself! Whether you're a newbie or a longtime lurker, please post and tell us about yourself and fiance. We'd love to know your wedding details!

*Do not ask a question that you do not want an honest answer to knotties, will give you honest advice. Sometimes honest advice is not what we want to hear but I'm pretty confident that everyone can be respectful of others opinions while still giving great advice.

* The more information you can give us when asking a question, the better answers you will receive. Include your budget (if possible), number of guests, general location, etc. since this will help narrow down options for you.

* To post a picture in your post (PIP), click the tree icon at the bottom of the message box. Then select the photo and upload. This can take a while, so I recommend waiting a minute or two and see if it works.

* We don't always have to talk about weddings!  If you have awesome plans for the weekend share!

* Vendors are NOT allowed to post on these boards, even if they offer their services for free. Vendors will be banned immediately.

Siggy Help:

* If you want a countdown/ticker, you can find some here.

* If you want to create a bio (I love to look at bio’s), try weebly.com or mywedding.com to get started. Both sites are very simple and user friendly. To include it in your siggy use the following HTML code (remove the red stars and change the text in the blue)

<*a href="YOUR WEBSITE URL/"> My Bio</a*>

* To upload a picture into your siggy, first upload it to tinypic.com. Choose either the Thumbnail or Website/Email option. Once it's finished, choose the "HTML for Websites" option. If you use photobucket.com it is pretty much the same but for size I would recommend selecting medium. You would also choose the HTML option. Copy and paste this code into your siggy.

* To place items on separate lines (so they line up correctly) include a <br/*> (remove the red star) between the lines of HTML code.

* If you want the RSVP count information, use the following HTML code (remove red stars and change the text in blue):

<*img src=http://tinyurl.com/5okj57 /> 0 Invited<br*/>

<*img src=http://tinyurl.com/5e5xyn /> 0 Yes<br*/>

<*img src=http://tinyurl.com/5acwqr /> 0 No<br*/>

<*img src=http://tinyurl.com/65h7dw /> 0 Unknown<br*/>

Paging & Private Messages

*To page a knottie on the board, create a new post with either ** or :: around their Knot name.

* The option to send a private message (PM) will come up under a poster's name. To check your PM, click on the Private Message on the left blue board under community links


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