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Black Friday Accountability

B: 0% raspberry greek yoghurt, 1 gf orange cranberry muffin
L: Chicken and Rice soup
S: Pear and Almonds
D: Unknown going out with high school friends that I havent seen in years :D

E: None I was told Wed to have some down time from E till the end of the weekend and let the meds kick back the costio and flare :/. Hoping to Run Sunday, and maybe tomorrow take a spin class but I'm leaning towards no on this right now.
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Re: Black Friday Accountability

  • B - 1/2 of a eggwhite turkey sausage sand.  and coffee with salter caramel creamer
    2nd B- Free coffee with splenda and cinnimon roll from Sams
    L - 1/2 order of egg plan parm from olive gardent.  lots of salad, no croutons and 1 breadstick
    D - Thanksgiving left overs.  very few carbs this time around and only one bit of the FI's red velvet cake.

    E - none unless you can count HOURS of walking around the sales.

    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
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