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Asking/Thanking wedding party

Last night I asked the last of my girls to be one of my bridesmaids.  I got so excited since now I have my 3 closest friends, his sister and my sister in my wedding party.  Unfortunately all my girls live a distance from each other, so I wanted to send each girl something special to thank them ahead of time for being a bridesmaid and supporting me through this that they can get around the 365 day mark since I'll be with my MOH that day anyways.

Anyone have any thoughts?  I know this would typically be asked on the Wedding party board, but  I didn't see any fun ideas, and my fellow October girls have the best ideas anyways.

Re: Asking/Thanking wedding party

  • Do any of them drink wine? You could order and ship a bottle of wine to each of them through a local winery.


  • I would get them some fun bridesmaid swag and a letter that thanks them. I would suggest minted.com.

    I just sent out letters. We spent a ton of money booking our venue, caterer, florist, photo-videographer, transportation, that it seemed irresponsible to spend any more money. But in october I'm sending my girls some monogramed trinkets and Bridesmaid/MOH keychains and pins so they can have their bag forever and still have it say "Bridesmaid" for the next year. I've also been getting them involved in the brainstorm so they feel like they have some ownership on the planning of the wedding. Having their thoughts heard and opinions matter is something they appreciate more than gifts or at least mine. Mine are very inexpensive maids.
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