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Last night I addressed 88 STDs I still have 90 addresses to get from FI's parents, FI, and some of our friends.

What do you think of these? http://www.etsy.com/listing/107137610/set-of-5-pearl-and-rhinestone-necklaces?ref=fp_recently_viewed_4

I am thinking about buying them for my BMs. Also this, http://www.etsy.com/listing/115289060/gift-for-her-wife-girlfriend-wire, for my MOH. My MOH will also have a different necklace then the rest of the girls.

Apparently TK thinks we should start registering now, I read some good points on this, but I am not sure I want to just yet.

I am also still (since last Friday) waiting on a quote from Cards&Pockets. Normally they do not take this long so I am getting irritated.

What checks or updates do you have?


Re: Updates

  • I really like necklaces and bracelet!

    I've been on a long break from wedding things, so I have a lot planned for this month.  Finding the BM dresses was a big check.  Next it's onto the STD's.  I finally have all the addresses, now its just getting them ready to go out.  Also this month I hope to figure out ceremony music and transportation.  

    My MOH and FMIL will be hosting a shower in August, so I have just been keeping a list of registry item we like, but have not actually registered yet.  We have also started looking at honeymoon ideas, but haven't narrowed it down yet.  

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  • I have started pricing invites since I will be doing a destination wedding I want them out 6 months in advance. The prices make me want to hurl.

    I've also changed my theme again :( since NBC doesnt work well with late winter. Which means Im eyeing new cake toppers. This is the last change I am so done with wedding changes!

    We should have a quote from Disney and contract soon.

    I really like both of these pearl items :D
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    I bought my wedding dress on Friday and will be altering my mom's veil on Thursday after my hairdresser tells me what kind of comb to put it on. I need to contact our photographer and see what availability she has next month to do our engagement shoot, but she's without a computer right now after a complete crash, so I'm gonna give her another week before bugging her.

    Otherwise, nothing new.

  • I have sent out my save the dates already and I have our invitations picked out.  I am going in a couple weeks to pick out BM dresses with one of my girls.  I am also going to look at some jewelry and hair combs tomorrow at a cute place I found at a bridal expo.  I can't wait to go look around!

    My FI and I have been looking around at wedding bands the past week or so because I think I may to have one made for my ring since I want to have the band wrap around my ring.  I went to the jeweler where he purchased my engagement ring and got sticker shock.  I was so surprised when they told me how much the bands would be.  They were more then my engagement ring!!  I think I need to keep looking....
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  • Stina - LOVE the necklace!  The ring is beautiful too, but personally I have had bad luck receiving rings (other than my engagement ring!) because they are never the right size, but I suppose I'm just lazy with getting them resized.

    We are getting ready to send STDs out (yay!).  We did magnets from WeddingPaperDivas, which came out great (sent us a proof, phone call to confirm, free custom changes, and arrived earlier than expected) FYI in case anyone's looking for those.

    I've been dress shopping, but am having trouble finding "the one".  It's actually been a little discouraging.  Maybe I'm being too picky.  Hopefully I'll find something soon.
  • We made some more payments to vendors.  We have paid about half of everything somethings a little more.

    We just got our save the dates in the mail from magnetstreet They look awesome.  I wasn't going to hand address them, but since I am waiting on my website I figure I can/should.

    My brother is working on our website...it has been used by both of my brothers for weddings.  He has the design done.  He is now working on some quirky things (figuring out how to do it) one thign is we are making our how we met story a mad lib so people can put in random things it will be fun and then obviously they can see the real story

    I looked at bridesmaid dresses over the holiday with my mom and narrowed it down to two.  I am giving the option to my girls to decide which one they want to wear.(in plum) http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Strapless-Sweetheart-Tea-Length-Dress-with-Beading-F15413_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-Shop-By-Color or http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Style-Satin-Wide-Strap-Tea-Length-Dress-F14556_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-Shop-By-Color

    My mom also went to look at dresses for her. she found one she liked but wanted to keep looking.

    I need to figure out jewlry for my dress at some point and a hairstyle.  (as well as find makeup artist/hairstylist.
  • I need to order our STDs this month, hopefully place the order for those in the next week or so. I want to get them sent out no later than mid-March. But I think I might try for earlier... but I still need to collect some addresses. (Most of the missing addresses are from my dear FH's list....)

    Bought my dress before Christmas, I think we've picked out our invites. I need to get a sample and then get a quote from Cards&Pockets, and figure out the wording/design for them. I'm getting new quotes & menus from caterers, since the caterer we were going to go with is ending their contract with the museum in March. FH is looking at DJs, and we're trying to figure out my next trip up there to do cake tastings, DJ interview, meet with our probable photographer, and maybe I'll meet with a possible hairstylist. Hopefully that will be at the end of February. Guess I just need to book the plane ticket now.
  • This weekend, I had a impromptu trip to look at the bridesmaid dress with 3 of the girls. While there, my mom found a dress for herself that she really liked! Yey!

    Sent out dress information to everyone - there are a couple of different options for buying the dress at different locations and at different prices.  
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  • This whole blocking rooms for hotels is going to be the death of me. I blocked one already and can cancel the block if there is a home Packer game (rates double and min two night stay). Other hotels will not give me prices until after the Packer schedule comes out.


  • Hello everyone! I have MIA for a while, taking a break from wedding stuff. But 9 months out I figure is time to resume! I thought this was a good place to post first.

    I have my wedding dress, shoes, veil, and tiara. Losing 14 pounds so I can get the dress fitted. Before that I need to figure out what undergarments to wear. BM dresses picked out.

    Working on a fun STD video and ordering conventional STDs for older family members. Most people are coming from out of state so I need to get this done pretty soon. Some of my family are already booking their lodging.

    Booked the honeymoon! Our friends are actually come with us... we are calling it a Friendymoon!

    I noticed also that TK says we should register. I am not having a shower so I am waiting on this a bit. I do have my honeyfund half way done though because I was so excited about the honeymoon.

    Booked venue which does catering and decorating. Have a photog (will confirm before the next bridal show this weekend in case I need to look for one) and using ipod (need to make playlist still). Still need cupcakes... might just go with publix on this one but I'm still researching prices on locals.

    Have some stuff to make like the card box and the table labels and putting the flowers together- but that can be done later.
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