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Booked the venue, now what?

After doing tireless research on caterers, venues, etc, we finally booked the perfect spot for our wedding and reception. Our venue is having a vendor showcase next month but is it too early to book everyone else? I'm afraid that if we leave other aspects like catering up in the air that we'll blow our budget in a rush later...but the big day is still a year and a half away. So is it too early?

Re: Booked the venue, now what?

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    If you can book things now I say do it. So far we have the venue and photographer booked for our May 2014 wedding and we will soon start looking for a DJ.
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    I think the earlier the better - that way you can get the vendors you love & want rather than slim pickings as it get closer.  Plus if you book now, you'll get the price you sign for in the contract - if the prices go up in 2014 you will get the lower price that is in your contract.  That's what we've been doing.  Our wedding is May 2, 2014 and we already have booked our venue (ceremony & reception is in the same place with an inhouse caterer), DJ, ceremony musicians, photobooth and will be booking our photographer/video by the end of the month.  (As it is, last time we spoke with the photo company, thier video prices went up $500 from when we first met with them in June, but since we just did our e-pics with them, they're giving us a nice discount for when we book the wedding with them!)



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    The earlier the better. We just booked our venue and picked our date about two weeks ago. Who says there is a time frame on how early you can start planning? You have enough time now to focus on every detail and make the day as special as can be for both your Fiance and you! 
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    I am findin that when I find the perfect place, I contact them and they have said please call back a year or less before the wedding.  I think they are avoiding the keeping the price down with contract.  In my area, things tend not to fill up fast but in January even though it is still more then a year, I am going to go back a pressure them into letting me book.  I need this in writing so I can be sure I have everything ready to go.
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