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Memorial Day Weekend Weddings 5/25/14

Hi All,

I am newly engaged (12/24) and we just booked our venue & ceremony on Sunday 5/25/14...I was nervous to plan it on Memorial Day Weekend, but Sunday was way cheaper and that is our 5 year anniversary :)

We are having a small wedding of 75 ppl, but about 55% of our guest list if from New York... any advance on how many people to invite in order to reach 75 guest? Also,
how soon do you send 'out of town' guests the save the dates & invitations? And how far in advance do you block hotels as it is on a holiday weekend?
I think i am most stressed about accomodating my out of town guestsUndecided
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Re: Memorial Day Weekend Weddings 5/25/14

  • Congrats on your engagement!

    First, I would say to invite as if you are going to get 100% attendance. IE, if you can afford 80 guests, don't invite 100.
    Our wedding will be destination for almost all of our guests and we're planning on mailing out save the dates 8-9 months prior. I would send your invites out as early as possible because you will be getting married on a holiday weekend.

    As for hotel blocks, I would book and have information available for guests as early as possible, again because you are getting married on a holiday weekend. 

    I am worried about my out of town guests too, but not to the point that it will be stressing me out
  • Congrats! 

    I got engaged on 12/22, and I'm getting married the same day as you! I'm planning on STD about 7-8 months ahead, and around then I'll also start looking for hotels. Where I live, most people go out of town rather than come in to town over that weekend, but the bigger concern is that there are a LOT of graduations... 

    Best wishes :)
  • Hi! I am getting married on 5/25/14 too!!

    We will probably send our save the dates out in September 2013 (I have a friend who is getting married memorial day weekend this year and that is when she sent hers out)

    We have already blocked rooms - we had to because there is only one hotel in the town where we are getting married and it books up so fast!
  • Thanks all! And Congrats to all you too....glad to see other brides getting married on 5/25! Thanks for the advice
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  • We're getting married the day before you, going to send invites around october time I think
  • Im getting married on 5/24/14. Have you guys decided on colors yet? i thought I had it but I see the color in other peoples pictures and I'm not crazy about it.
  • Congrats everyone! We got enaged on 12/15 and our wedding is May 24 2014. We have secured the ceremony/wedding venue :) at an amazing price, especially for memorial day weekend!!! Its an all incluive resort Ive had my eye on for yrs...even before I met my love! My only worry is the room rates. They are $166.00! They dropped $50.00 off their regular rates, which, in the big picture, are great for this place and this weekend. Some out of state guests do plan on making a mini vacation out of it, which was our thoughts & hopes, so they are prepared for this steep price. I will find another hotel to block but not sure if I should give one or two other choices? What do you think? Also, being our venue has rooms, I do not have to offer a shuttle for those staying here. What is my esponsibility, if any, to shuttle those who don't stay at our venue and choose another? One of the reasons we thought an all inclusive would be great was the thought of saving on offering guests shuttle service!

    We are still searching for a DJ and photographer. Dj search is very hard as there is a difference between a DJ and a wedding DJ. A "regular" club DJ can be seen by attending the club but do we judge a wedding DJ's personality/talent? We can't crash strangers weddings!!!

    Considering it is a holiday weekend, and wedding is here in SW FLORIDA, I think I will send the STD's out  this May! Giving everyone, especially our out of states, enough time to save, and secure hotels, tickets, cars, etc. I spoke with a car rental and asked if their rates are higher during this holiday. She said not per se! Explained supply/demand. If there is more demand and the lesser costing vehicles are gone then it only leaves the more expensive rentals. So, with enough notice, my guests can have the chance of rentaing the cheaper cars! Make sense?

    Well, I must say, that I am so excited as I know you all are!! Blessings during your planning and many blessings for a happy healthy marriage!!!!

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  • Yay! Congrats ladies! I got engaged in January and my fiancee are getting married on 5/24/13. I feel like I've made SO many big decisions already!

    We are getting married at a lovely apple orchard in the suburbs of the Twin cites. The ceremony is outside in the middle of the apple tree fields, they will take our guests on a little hay ride to the site. The reception is on site as well! We got an awesome deal on it. The colors are plum, light green, and light grey. Everything is 50's/60's  themed, I'm doing a bunch of the desgning myself. I already found my wedding dress too.

    It feels so far away right now!
  • Congrats to everyone! I am trying to have my wedding on this weekend as well. We are planning a destination wedding in Mexico. I am still trying to narrow down the resort I want to book a date. You ladies are making me feel like I'm slacking!
  • Hi All! I'm brand new- newly engaged as of 5/3!  Just booked a venue for 5/24 (and the whole weekend :).  Really excited but also not wanting to overplan too much.  When are people sending save the dates-- as it's a holiday weekend and all...?
  • Hi
    We moved our wedding from the 17th to the 25th. I was thinking of sending out STD about October. We have booked our venue, photos, video, dj. I found my dress this past weekend. My theme is Simple and Elegant. 
    Congrats to everyone. Especially all my date twins. I am so excited....
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  • I saw that someone above is having a wedding in Florida May 24, 2014.  That is also what I am working on planning.  I am trying to decide if the ceremony and reception should be outside or just the ceremony.  Any thoughts if an evening wedding on Memorial Day weekend is too hot for an outside reception?  This year and according to averages it's been just above 80 degrees at 5/6pm when the ceremony is and it'll drop to 76-77 degrees as the sun sets (according to averages).

    Too hot for dancing and eating?  I cannot decide because I want it outside but I keep thinking it might be uncomfortable.  It will be on a roof by a lake which I am hopeful will add some breeze, but I am not sure.
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    Hi Ladies.

    Newly engaged myself April 23,2013 and we set the date and booked the hall for 5/31/2014!! Curious when I should start sending out the Save the Dates ?

  • I'm getting married on the 17th, but I'm in Canada so that's Victoria Day weekend (our May long weekend).

    If you can only fit or afford 75 guests max, only invite 75.  There ahve been a lot of people over the years who expect at least 10% declines and don't get it.  I have a friend who only had one couple decline out of something like 130 people invited.  You don't want that to happen to you if you've invited more than you can actually host!
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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Larissa Bryant, and I became engaged on my 30th Birthday on April 13, 2013. My wedding is going to be on Sunday May 25,2014 at Avalon Manor in Northwest Indiana. We are planning on 150 people with the wedding starting at 5:00pm with the reception following at 6:00pm.

    Congratulations to everyone!!

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    aelovebikes....I am one that is having my wedding Memorial day weekend in year. Our wedding venue is a resort on a harbour (similar to your lake idea). We originally planned on ceremony, outside, at 6:30. Well we actually went to venue last night to see where the sun would be and kinda gauge the heat. So glad we did! The sun was directly in my eyes due to its position and the position of the "alter"...I couldnt even keep my eyes open!!!! We also "pretended" we were the guests and sat where they would be set up for ceremony!! Sun was horrible. We have decided to move the ceremony to 7pm. It wasnt so bad then! I will tell you it was humid, no matter the breeze from the harbour. I actually 2nd guessed having ceremony outside and just changing to the inside ceremony room. Ultimately, we are keeping the outside plans for ceremony figuring its only for a half hr or so.

    Personally, I wouldnt have reception outside. Temp may seem good but the humidity can be killer. My mom and some relatives, especially the older ones, would be miserable if they stayed at all!

    Keep in mind, from June to Nov. is Hurricane season and also rainy season. It rains just about every single day!!! Usually around the same time but that is not something to count on! Just count on the rain! May is pretty safe tho! As far as Hurricane season, it does start in June but the most active time is August. Having said that, we have gotten some surprises in early June, in the past!!!

    If I were you, as we are doing, do the ceremony outside if you favor that but do reception inside. Avoiding heat...humidity and bugs!!! Good luck and congrats!!!

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  • Congrats to all! We will also be getting married on 5/25/2014 and i feel like save the dates should be sent out with a lot of time since it is a holiday weekend and people plan vacations and other things around that time
  • Great weekend to get married!  We'll be getting married the day before you 5/24/2014 in Boston, MA and we planning to send out our Save The Dates by the beginning of August since my fiance's family is from the UK and we'll have others flying in from the west coast and we want them all to have plenty of time to request time off and save for flights and hotel rooms.

    We've also already blocked rooms since it's a holiday weekend and there may also be college graduation celebrations going on nearby.

    Congratulations to all and happy planning! :)
  • Congrats on booking your wedding! I have also booked my wedding for 5/31/14! I am just starting to send out my STD's now. Have you decided on your colors yet? I thought I did but now I am having second thoughts. :) Good luck with your planning! -Amanda
  • I'm getting married on 5/31/14. My fiance and I will be having our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties the weekend before over Memorial Day weekend due to a lot of our bridal party flying in and this would be easiest so they only need to fly once. We just had our engagement photo shoot this morning and will probably send our save the dates out in late September/early October.
  • We're getting married 5/25 as well, and we've picked a wonderful resort in Mexico called the Excellence. It's all inclusive (but it is adults only) so it's going to be a great time. So far the coordinator has been wonderful and very helpful. I would suggest looking into their resorts if you have not done so already. (For a wedding OR a honeymoon!) 
  • Hi everyone. Congrats to us all. I'm also getting married 5/25/14. I'm planning to send out my save-the-dates in early October and then invites in...late March? I've got my venue and photographer booked and am hoping to get officiant and DJ this week. Caterer is next after that. Time is going by so quickly! I'm so ready to get all my vendors booked.
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  • Also getting married May 25. Very excited to be in the company of all these brides! I live in Chicago now and so our wedding will be here. However, I grew up in San Francisco and have a lot of friends and family flying in.
    Its Memorial day weekend so I wanted to send my Save the Dates in Sept and send out invitations in January so people can plan ahead well in advance.

    Congratulations everybody and happy planning!
  • Getting married May 24th!  I wanted a Fri wedding to save money, so picked a holiday weekend with hopes that more people can attend on a Friday.  We are having a small wedding - inviting about 75, but not expecting them all to come.  I am not doing save the dates, but have verbally told the people I expect to come the date already and have very few out of town guests.   I have some additional people I may add to the guest list, so that we can meet our minimum of 65.
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