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May 2014 Weddings


Hello May 2014 brides me and the FI have set our date for  May 10, 2014. Have any other May brides set a date yet? Started doing any planning yet? If so what kind? Any diy brides what are you planning on doing?

Re: Hello

  • We are planning the same date! :) not a lot of planning yet but a lot of research so far! Just got engaged on the 15
    Happily ever after ♥
  • Congrats on the engagement! Same here lots of research and slowly planning.
  • ugh! It's so hard to figgure out what to dofirst!
  • My wedding date is May 17, 2014 and our theme is beach and colors are pink and yellow. getting married in a church and hopefully our rehearsal will be at a firehall
  • I am so jealous of everything you already have a handle on!! I THINK i want vintage... but i really to embrace the spring-y ness of the date... maybe coral or mint or seafoam green? All I really know is that Im getting married lol
    Happily ever after ♥
  • Mine is May 31st, 2014.  My fiance wanted a date he could remeber.  I am doing the ceremony in the same little church my parents got married, and the reception is in my parents backyard.  Luckily we have two summers to get it landscaped perfectly.  And since I am living in Europe right now,  I need the extra time to plan as well as to save more money.  I have a dress and we are narrowing down on bridesmaid dresses but thats it.
  • Hey

    I'm getting married May 24th in Toronto, On. The only thing done as of right now - the dress is ordered. Planning to put down payment on reception hall sometime between April and May depending on when the money comes around! Lots of research though just have to execute it all Smile
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    We picked May 17th 2014, and I'm glad to see there are other engaged couples looking so far ahead! We just got engaged on the 26th and since then I've just been researching how much a wedding in our area will cost us. I'm sure I will change my mind about colours and stuff between now and then, but I'm definitely looking forward to the whole spring wedding thing.
  • hey omg my wedding date is May 17, 2014 I am so excited I already started looking for places for the ceremony and reservation my color is coral and babyblue. I have an idea of the dresses of my bridesmaid
  • New here! We just set our date for May 5th 2014, I am do anxious to start the planning. I hope to see this board get much more active!
    ** I don't believe that old cliche that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can't sit still **
  • hey yall. ive been a member here for a long time was in the midst of wedding planning with FI and we ended up postponing.  now we're finally in the stage where things are good financially, and we've set our final date, 5/30/2014- but im considering moving it to the 31st. even though a saturday wedding is alot more expensive.
    but we'll see. we have the colors down, the guest list. we're keeping it small. sticking with the hollywood glam theme. and i ordered a really cute cake topper from etsy :)

    i dont wanna buy a dress yet, but i have tried on a couple and went to a bridal show recently. i just got a future Mrs shirt made recently that i proudly wear. its nice to be in the fiance club! it'll be 7 years together by our wedding date, so i cant wait to be a wife for a change. happy planning ladies :)
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  • i just got engaged my wedding date is May 24 2014 i am having a "happily ever after" themed wedding and my colors are pink,white, and silver and hopefully engagement pictures will be taken within two weeks
  • Hi all , I dont know when exactly our date is going to be but i know it will be in may 2014. Im so excited but we havnt realy done any other planning yet.

  • Hi Ladies!

    We haven't technically set our date yet, but it'll most likely be in May. We've been engaged for almost 2 years already, and we're waitng a bit longer beause FI decided to go back to school this spring.
  • Hey girls!

    Sorry I'm a little late to the party, I'm a teacher and things are just now starting to wind down from the year.. WHEW!  I got engaged February 4th and our wedding will be May 31 2014.  Glad to see lots of others picking that date too! I am starting to get sick of hearing people say 'thats so far away!'  So I'm happy others are planning ahead like me!  My fiance is in grad school so we have to wait til he graduated!! By the time we get married, we'll have been together 8 years..so I'm definitely ready!! :-)  I loved reading everyone's posts about what they have done so far!! I feel like I'm jumping the gun with my planning cause I'm so excited!  We have our venue and church picked out and I know my colors, but that's about it!! I'm so ready for it to be christmas of 2013 so we can get this show on the road!!! 

    Congrats to Everyone!! I hope you're all as happy as I am!!! :-)
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    Hey 2014 Brides,

    Our wedding date is May 23rd, 2014. I've done a bit of planning, I think I've found my dress and a venue. Theme: Masquerade, Colors: Black/White/Red .

    So far I plan to DIY my party favors: eye masks. Any advice????
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  • Wow! I thought I was too early, but I guess its not a bad thing!

    My date is May 17th, 2014 and I have only booked my location and picked out my wedding party.
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  • Hi, we also have chosen the date of May 31, 2014. I have done some planning, I have my dress and theme, classic romance. I'm having trouble with my colors. Originally I wanted yellow, grey and silver. However my dress is soft ivory and none of this really matches. Now I'm leaning towards blush, champagne, ivory and gold. Others suggestions?
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