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I'm so confused about flowers. I know I have awhile to think about them and decide but I would like to "figure them out" now. I am having a rustic / vintage wedding. Different shades of pink are our colors. I am doing mason jar centerpieces. I just don't know what to do inside. We are on a tight budget so nothing expensive. I want it to look elegant though.

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    I'm having a wedding with a similar theme and our colors are coral & turquoise... depending on the shade, coral can look pink. I'm thinking of going with white & coral/pink flowers. I've found several different combinations I've really liked that included peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus & zinnias.This is one of the bouquet arrangements I've really loved:

    I don't know what flowers like those typically cost but I've been tossing around the idea of just using fake flowers from Pat Catans or something like that. I've heard that Costco is a good place to get a deal on flowers but I don't know what kind of flowers they carry or what the cost is.
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    I am doing kind of the same, getting married in a barn and my centerpieces are milk bud vases and rustic picture frames. For my flowers this is going to sound crazy but check them out I am useing I am getting there 17 piece collection in white for the ceremony and buying wholesale and just puting the flowers in vases. It isd so much cheaper then any other florists and they have amazing reviews with pictures posted grom girls who have already used them!
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    Check out Farmer's Markets too!  One of my mom's coworkers got her flowers crazy cheap from some people who were preparing to have a booth, but didn't end up getting one.  They had a ton of flowers to get rid of, so she got an awesome deal.  I hope I get that lucky!  If you're thinking about doing fake flowers I would still price out the real version.  I've heard that sometimes fake flowers can be as expensive as real, or even more expensive.
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